Compact Cold Storage for Food and Beverage

Increase Storage Capacity with Moving Racking

Cold Warehouseing or 3PL Food and Beverage

Third-party logistics (3PL) providers play a crucial role in the US food supply, and their role — and their need for more storage — has been growing along with a surge in consumer demand. “Considering that 95% of food produced in or imported to the U.S. goes through third-party distribution centers before reaching consumers… an additional 75 million to 100 million sq. ft. of freezer/cooler space will be needed to meet demand,” stated a CBRE research synopsis.

High-density mobile shelving for cold storage increases storage capacity by mounting racking on a rail-and-carriage system that eliminates wasted space.

“In the post-COVID world, we will see larger demand for food storage capacity across the supply chain – from retailers to wholesalers and producers. Larger storage capacity means a need for more warehouse space, square footage, and pallet positions.
– NAIOP, Cold Storage in a Post-COVID World

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“Increasing our capacity changed the way we do business and helped us grow. It gave us the ability to have future growth opportunity in the same space.”

– Jeff Milton, Cold Warehouse Manager

The COVID pandemic has created a need for more cold storage across the food and beverage industry, and Spacesaver’s high-density storage solutions help save space and improve efficiency in coolers and freezers large and small.

Energy Issues

Utilities, mainly energy are amont the greatest operational expenses for a cold storage warehouse.

Cost of energy has increased 33% over the past decade and it will only get higher in the next decades to come.

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Different products require different temperatures-and this creates challenges for 3PL providers who may on-board andoff-board clients throughout the course of the year with different storage requirements.

cold storage energy conscious warehouse

Labor Issues

Next to energy, labor costs are the second-largest concern for a 3PL warehouse.

cold storage reduce labor costs

Automation is a way to save on these costs, but 3PL service providers have been reluctant to invest in it, because these systems are expensive and aren’t always as flexible as human labor.

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Value Added Services

Mean even more labor

Value-added services such as repack operations, actual manufacturing, or consolidation give 3PL’s a competitive advantage-but are often unable to be provided because of high labor costs.

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Solutions: Rethinking (and Compacting) Cold Storage

Compact mobile storage can create sizable cost savings for energy and labor operations, in addition to a host of additional benefits.

Mobile Carriage and Rail Systems Move Shelving Side to Side

cold storage pallet racking

Save Space

Most freezer/cooler environements cost $200 sq. ft. to constract and additional capital to operate. Mobile racking can create up to 50% additinal storage space in the same footprint, eliminating the need to build or rent additinal climate-controlled warehouse space.

Use Existing Racking

ActivRAC mobile storage systems are designed to be used in conjunction with a warehouse’s existing pallet and/or heavy-duty static racking.

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Densely-packed Coolers Means Decrease Energy

Doubling the amount of pallet positions in the smae space can reduce air escape, lowering a cold storage warehouse’s utility bills by as much as 50%.

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Compacting Inventory Means Reduction in Labor Costs

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The fewer times a product is moved or touched, the fewer costs are associated with it – and the less time a worker has to travel to get to inventory-the more time that employee can spend on more profitable labor.

Providing warehouse employees with 100% accessibility and visibility to products in less space elimates long travel times and unnecessary touches.

cooler storage static shelving system

Static Shelving vs. Compact Mobile Shelving

cooler storage compact shelving systems

Cold Storage Projects

See blah, blah, blah.

cold storage compacting SKU inventory

Creates Space for Value-added Activities

Compacting SKU inventory in an existing warehouse frees up space for kitting, repacking, labeling, and fulfillment services.

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Promotes Clean Environement

With the increase in space that compact mobile sotrage allows, you can move closer to achieving lean 5S in your warehouse-sorting, straightening, shining, standardizing, and sustaining.

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Gateway to Learn

As more cold storage warehouses begin to implement a lean improvement process, mobile storage can help-particularly with process improvement and waste reduction elements.

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