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Security Beyond the Locker

Advanced Functionality with Durable Design

March 12th, 2024 - 2 min read

While all the lockers Spacesaver manufactures are driven by calculated, intelligent design techniques, only a certain few are deemed as smart. What makes them this way, is their ability to offer security beyond the physical confines of the steel structure. This characteristic is provided by the locking mechanism they employ and the advanced technology it utilizes to track a wide array of actions completed through the system by its user(s).

Employing smart locker technology in your space, allows you the capability to provide up-to-date information on the use and users of your lockers. With this data, you can better track the valuable materials stored within your lockers and predict and prepare for future use demands as your organization’s needs change.

Showing Its Strength

While the locking mechanism is a major component of tracking the safety and security of each locker and those who benefit from its use, the foundation is set in its durable, proven, construction. Manufactured with 100% recyclable steel that contains approximately 89% recycled material, the heavy-duty frame is engineered and tested for continued reliability, no matter where it is placed.

A Lot of Locker Applications

Let’s take a look at what Spacesaver lockers can be designated as smart lockers and what types of locking mechanisms we offer to support this distinction.

day use locker with smart lock
Day Use Lockers

Spacesaver’s Day Use Lockers optimize form and function, providing secure storage for personal and professional items inside a customizable and reconfigurable design. By pairing Spacesaver’s proven steel lockers with smart lock technology, users can rest assured that their belongings are protected, and owners can deliver a higher level of service to their customers, employees, and guests.

day use locker with smart lock
Evidence Lockers

Maintaining an undisputed chain of evidence custody from crime scene collection is the number one priority of Spacesaver’s Evidence Lockers. Their durable frame and customizable design options support the preservation of evidence in all forms. Pair that durability with a smart lock, and you’ll be able to clearly identify each location where a piece of evidence was stored, as well as the individual who handled the materials along each step of the process.

smart locker on personal storage lockers
FreeStyle® Personal Storage Lockers

Whether you are heading to the field, the classroom, or to protect the community, a transition point is needed to make final preparations for the day. A top priority should be having the peace of mind that whatever you leave behind will be safe and secure. Spacesaver understands this need and has designed a locker that offers security, durability, and valuable personal space to help teams stay ready and focused for the day ahead.

smart locker on personal storage lockers
Gear Lockers

Spacesaver’s rugged all-steel equipment storage and gear lockers are built to last in demanding applications. The modular design of the Tactical Readiness Lockers (TRL) Storage System provides the flexibility to fulfill a variety of gear storage needs, ensuring security requirements are met.

Options for Securing Smart Lockers

Durable, steel construction ensures our lockers stand up to the test of time and everyday usage. Paired with one of the locks seen below available - from top manufacturers - lockers will not only be secure, they’ll be smart.

5 smart locker options

Providing Technological Support

Going beyond providing access to delivering information, the smart locking mechanism offers increased accountability through its computerized tracking and monitoring. These capabilities include but are not limited to, using dedicated software to track user and locker door activity, remote monitoring of multiple locations from a central location, and access by a myriad of methods including RFID, phone/tablet app, and numeric code.

Montreal ControLoc® Case Study

See how this innovative hospital utilized smart locker technology to deliver the highest level of care for its patients and accountability for its staff.

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