DIY Hospital Electronic Supply Management / Inventory System

DIY Hospital Electronic Supply Management / Inventory System

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Spacesaver helps a hospital save nearly $40,000 a year.

A Chicago-area hospital was implementing modern materials management processes and was paying more than $86,000 a year to lease an electronic supply management service to store and dispense supplies for cardiology procedures. The hospital electronic supply management system included cabinets, hand-held barcode scanners, software, and support services.

The materials manager realized the hospital could purchase cabinets and scanners to replace the leased units and purchase and apply barcodes in-house. Since the hospital was already paying for database work, those costs were fixed regardless of which option the facility pursued.

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The materials manager called the local Spacesaver sales representative for assistance and advice. They worked with Spacesaver’s engineering team to create 4-Post shelving cabinets that fit in the allotted space, permitted visibility of stored items, and secured with locks. Sloped tops were added to promote cleanliness and to prevent staff from placing items on top of the cabinets.

The end result is a bank of cabinets that are functional and aesthetically appealing, and now the cabinets serve as the basis for a unique high-tech materials management system. After accounting for labor costs and capital and equipment investments, the hospital has realized a savings of $38,290 per year since the cabinets were installed.

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