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A Rolling Moss Gathers More Yield

Providing solutions to store all types of strains for a west coast cultivator.

August 24th, 2022 - 2 min read

Nurturing A Fruitful Relationship

Relationships and cannabis, two things that have more in common than you’d think. For instance, they both grow from planting a tiny seed. That seed then needs to be nurtured over time until in the end, it produces a mutually beneficial result for all parties. Below you’ll find an instance that not only features a strong relationship developed gradually, but also one that is with a proven manufacturer that just so happens to produce cannabis.

Along the Central Coast of California, you’ll find the historic oceanside town of Moss Landing; home to a state-licensed grow operation focused on responsibly cultivated premium indoor cannabis and manufactured products. Dedicated to giving back to the region in support of the local wildlife, the cultivator needed help achieving optimum efficiency and production within its facilities.

Spacesaver multi-tier commercial racking for indoor cannabis growth

GROW Drying System Video

The concept is simple: Hang plants once and they remain in place during harvest, transport, and drying. Spacesaver’s cannabis drying system helps preserve plant quality by minimizing handling. Request a Full System Walkthrough

cannabis commercial drying room with Spacesaver drying racks

A Complete Solutions Result

Having depended on the advice of their local Spacesaver consultant since early in their existence, the organization called on their trusted partner to assess their space and help to maximize their floorspace, yield, and impact.

Upon review, the consultant and their team were able to outfit the organization with the operational support necessary to create the greatest benefit for their customers and environment. The result, comprised of solutions designed to maximize the utility throughout the facility, included Spacesaver’s GROW Mobile and GROW Drying systems, vertical racking, carts, anti-tip rail, and widespan shelving. Utilizing these solutions, the facility’s staff can seamlessly transfer plants from its nursery to its four garden rooms to its dry room, minimizing touches, streamlining workflow, and preserving plant quality.

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