Steel Flat-File Cabinet Design Ideas

Save Space in Archives, Libraries, & Museums

Maps, drawings, and other “flat files” often pose storage challenges for collections managers, conservators, librarians, and archivists. These items need to be stored in a way that:

  • Protects the items
  • Provides safe and convenient access
  • Doesn’t waste space

Steel flat-file museum cabinets are one solution, and they provide excellent protection for collections. But unless they’re thoughtfully integrated with other storage solutions, they can waste valuable space in collections areas.

Check out these inspiring design ideas for flat-file cabinets and even an alternative to steel flat-file museum cabinets!

Museum Drawers in 4-Post Shelving

The planning team for this prominent museum’s vault chose Nantucket museum-quality drawers in 4-Post shelving to store broadsides, posters, and other flat files. The solution provides safe and efficient storage while also allowing staff to use the space above the drawers for storing larger items. Staff can add more drawers or trays in the future, and they can even reconfigure the shelving units with hanging rods or other accessories.

flat file moveable shelving

flat file archive shelving solutions

Flat-File Cabinets in a High-Bay Shelving System

When this university built an off-site library facility, they ordered flat-file cabinets to house architectural plans, artwork, and other “two-dimensional” items. The cabinets were designed to fit into the high-bay shelving system’s lowest row, providing safe and convenient access without a lift.

Flat-File Cabinets with Glass Tops

This museum doesn’t have a collections storage area. Everything in the collection is stored in publicly accessible exhibition space. The design team wanted a secure way to store and display drawings, prints, and other artwork, so they chose flat-file cabinets with glass tops.

archive glass top flat file

rollable flat file cabinet

Flat-File Cabinets with Casters and Glass Tops

A library in Canada showcases local history in Spacesaver flat-file cabinets with glass display tops. The cabinets were fitted with casters, which allows staff to easily reconfigure the space for special events.

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