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Spacesaver provides a high-powered defense for high school football gear.

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In case you weren’t made aware by the numerous TV shows and movies featuring Texas high school football teams, it’s kind of a big deal. When those Friday night lights come on, you can say goodbye to your varsity blues because it’s game time!

Pop culture references aside, watching the athletes at your local school battle it out on the field is an event cherished by athletes, staff, and fans alike. And, while all the glitz and glamour comes to a head under the bright lights, the equipment room is where the road to victory starts.

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Helping to Gain a Competitive Edge

For Humble High School’s football program, gaining a competitive advantage was a high priority going into the Fall 2022 season. Wanting to revamp the image and safety of their players while they’re on the field, administrators utilized bonds approved by the school district to purchase new jerseys, pads, helmets, and other accessories.

Now, with more than $100,000 invested in new equipment, administrators thought, “Why not also invest in a system to protect and extend the life of the gear chosen to support their 200-300 athletes?” Knowing other schools in the district were pleased with the updates Spacesaver’s solutions provided to their equipment rooms, they gave the go ahead early in the year with hopes of having the systems up and running for day one of practice.

high school football equipment room storage system

Store More, Play Safe, Look Good

Working with an out-of-date, outgrown, fieldhouse built in the seventies, our consultant’s storage strategy was to maximize the small space that had been allocated in its original design. Incorporating stationary shelving and two mechanical-assist mobile storage systems with recessed rails – purchased on a Sourcewell contract – our consultant was able to optimize the space while adding fresh, end-panel decals to boost team pride.

Ready for game time, these high-density mobile storage systems have the capacity to take on storage challenges of all sizes, as well as the flexibility to accommodate the little things you don’t think about when designing football storage. Now, small parts such as belt clips, helmet clips, and shoulder pad clips can be easily located and applied, getting players back in the game!

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A Successful Conversion

Want to make sure your team is ready for the bright lights on Friday nights? Reach out to our lineup of athletic storage experts to draw up a gameplan that’s sure to score with your athletes and fans!

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