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How to Store COVID Supplies at Your Resort

American Rescue Plan funding can help expand storage capacity.

July 22nd, 2021 - 4 min read

Resorts and gaming properties are re-thinking their preparedness strategies due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With restaurants operating at limited capacity, and with the need to provide a constant supply of masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant to guests and employees, these facilities need additional back-of house (BOH) storage space for tables, chairs, boxes of bulk preparedness supplies, and more.

The problem is that back-of-house storage space in many facilities was already bursting at the seams before the pandemic struck. BOH storage areas don’t directly generate revenue, so they’re often undersized to provide more floorspace in public areas.

Now the challenge is to store more in the same space. That’s where Spacesaver comes in: we’ve been helping clients optimize space for 50 years, and we can help increase storage capacity in your back-of-house storage areas without a major renovation.

Download the Resort Storage Tip Sheet

See how this tribal gaming resort gained more storage space without a major renovation.

Wondering how to fund a storage project?

The American Rescue Plan provides funding for acquiring and distributing sanitizing products and personal protective equipment and for expenses related to disinfection of public areas and other facilities in response to COVID-19. Tribes have even more latitude in allocating funds. Read guidance from The US Treasury Department here.

Optimize Space in Resort Storage Areas

This tribal gaming resort had five High-Density Mobile Systems installed. The systems eliminate wasted aisle space to compactly store:

resort laundry supply storage

Laundry Supplies

resort clean supply storage

Cleaning Supplies

resort table lines employee uniform storage

Employee Uniforms & Table Linens

resort banquet furniture storage

Banquet Furniture

resort decor serving ware storage solutions

Decor and Serving Ware

resort bulk house keeping supply storage

Bulk Housekeeping Items

Here are more tips for keeping your staff and guests safe.

resort electric movable shelving systems

Reduce High-touch Surfaces

Keypads and other high-touch surfaces can transmit disease. Help minimize risk with the TUSC® Control App, which allows users to open and close aisles in new and retrofitted Spacesaver powered mobile systems.

resort antimicrobial paint cleaning storage

Eliminate Microbes

Promote cleanliness and sanitation with an antimicrobial powder-coat finish. It contains a time-released agent to suppress the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew, but it won’t affect your product’s durability, color, or performance. We still encourage regular cleaning.

resort staff locker room

Store Personal Belongings

Provide a clean, secure space for employees to store personal gear. FreeStyle Personal Storage Lockers and Day Use Lockers keep belongings organized and consolidated.

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