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Indoor Cannabis Vertical Racking Accessories

Improving the appearance and function of indoor cannabis grows.

April 1st, 2021 - less than a minute read

Spacesaver’s GROW Mobile System saves space and improves efficiency in indoor cannabis grows, and we’re announcing innovative ways to improve your mobile vertical racking’s look and function. New accessories for Widespan GROW provide a one-stop shop for racking, irrigation, ventilation, and lighting systems, and everything else you need to GROW MORE.

Our newest accessories provide a seamless way to integrate lighting, ventilation, irrigation, and other systems throughout your grow operation. No more zipties and bungee cords! Get a clean, professional appearance with accessories that were designed in tandem with Spacesaver’s mobile vertical racking.

See how we helped a California indoor cannabis cultivation facility integrate lighting accessories with vertical racking and Read the Full Story

cannabis widespan racking universal mounting bracket

Universal Mounting Bracket

Mount controls for lighting, irrigation, and other systems on durable brackets.

cannabis widespan racking pantograph cord management


Improve cord management with pantographs designed to eliminate draping electrical wires from carriage to carriage. Available in two different sizes depending on aisle width.

cannabis widespan racking plumbing bracket

Plumbing Bracket

Provides cultivators a standard hanging option for irrigation or other accessories.

Not Only for Veg & Flowering Rooms!

Save space and promote efficiency throughout your grow, including clone rooms, drying rooms, and storage areas. We even offer employee lockers for cannabis cultivation facilities. Opt for the optional antimicrobial powder-coat paint coating to ensure a cleaner grow.

indoor farming facility personal lockers

Get the Details

Learn how to integrate lighting and other accessories with the GROW Mobile System.

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