Perforated Flat-File Cabinets

Perforated flat-file cabinets

Storing fragile, chemically unstable materials.

Archives and museum collections often store fragile and volatile materials that require flat storage, isolation, and / or special ventilation requirements. For example, early printing processes for diazotypes and blueprints resulted in residual chemicals that are harmful to the prints themselves and to other materials stored in proximity. Recommended preservation storage for these materials often involves separate, protected storage and increased ventilation.

Flat-File Cabinets with Ventilation

Spacesaver’s custom engineering and manufacturing capabilities are helping archives staff at a southern California county responsibly store their large collection of historic diazotype maps, plans, and oversized documents. When the design team was working on a new building to house the county’s archives and other offices, archives staff expressed the desire for flat-file cabinets to store and isolate fragile oversized documents without folding or rolling. They also wanted perforations to promote ventilation and increased circulation to prevent further deterioration, but they hadn’t been able to find museum-quality perforated flat-file cabinets on the market.

Perforated flat-file cabinets provide ventilation for historic diazotypes and other documents.

perforated flat-file cabinet

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Collection Preservation through Storage Solutions

The design consultant on the project suggested working with Spacesaver’s engineering team to create a solution. They modified Spacesaver’s standard flat-file cabinet to create a flat-file cabinet with perforations in the front and back of each drawer, as well as a perforated back panel on the back of the cabinet. The design allows the cabinets to retain their structural integrity while promoting ventilation.

These special flat-file cabinets are available to preserve materials that require flat storage and increased ventilation.

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