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FreeStyle for Firearms for Armory

How does it work?

September 14th, 2017 - less than a minute read

A police department with a large inventory of weapons in their armory might have traditional weapons racks for their weapons storage. A smaller police department with just a few extra firearms on hand might have a locked closet where firearms and ammo are stored along a wall or shelf. But no matter how many weapons your agency has on hand at any given time, they still need to be secured and accounted for.

When a military-grade weapons rack is a little more than your you need for your armory and a storage closet just isn’t cutting it in terms of security and protection for the stored firearms, there’s a third option – a FreeStyle Locker modified to include weapon storage accessories.

The Freestyle Locker is traditionally used as a wardrobe locker in a locker room. But by swapping out the standard back panel of the locker for a panel that can accommodate weapon storage, you can get all the functionality you need to store small inventories of multiple weapon types all in one space. Beyond that, you can also keep accompanying accessories, ammo, and training supplies like replica weapons all in one locker.

public safety firearm freestyle storage

The solution in action

This solution was implemented at a smaller police department in Duxbury, Massachusetts. When a traditional weapons rack proved to be more that what they needed, a local Spacesaver sales rep replaced the Freestyle Locker back panel with a perforated steel back panel used in our Universal Weapons Rack. This allowed the police department to choose and swap out different weapon storage accessories based on their needs.

The resulting custom weapons locker had taser brackets, barrel supports, and an accessories panel so that all accessories could be stored in the same locker as the guns. The locker was even hardwired to incorporate the department’s key card scanning system and weapon RFID stickers to prevent unauthorized access and ensure that all weapons are accounted for. This weapons locker solution was so successful at Duxbury PD that the design was incorporated into the Weapons Evidence Locker design.

As an alternative to the perforated back panel, a rail and stock cup configuration can also be used to store weapons in a FreeStyle Locker. Your local Spacesaver distributor can help you determine what configuration is right for your needs.

This solution is flexible enough to handle tasers, pistol pegs, shotguns, sniper rifles, AR-15s, MP-5s, ammo, targets, and training aids like replica weapons – all in one place. Freestyle is a great option for smaller departments, branch or district offices, or range locations where multiple types of long guns, pistols, tasers, and other gear require securing.

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