Low-Profile Mobile Shelving

Low-Profile, High Impact

In an ideal world, you own a facility with the capacity to store the goods, materials, and inventory necessary to maximize the effectiveness of your operation. In reality, this can’t always be the case due to any number of factors. Spacesaver understands the urgency of needing space now and created a cost-effective mobile storage solution ideal for leased space. Spacesaver understands that you need space now and can help make the most of it by providing a cost-effective storage alternative to a standard mobile system, even if your space is leased.

low profiel wheelhouse high-density system
low profile mobile system with drawers
retail high-density mobile system
low profile mobile system with athletics storage
low profile athletics storage

Easy to reconfigure, expand, and relocate, Spacesaver’s Wheelhouse® low-profile moving shelving systems combine strength and adaptability in a low-cost modular system that makes the most of every inch of space. Its efficient design uses less materials and is manufactured of up to 25% recycled steel and low-emitting finishes, making it both durable and sustainable. Enhanced by a modular floor system matching the strength and flexibility of a traditional anchored rail setup but with cost-effective and minimally disruptive installation, these mobile shelving can fit your needs now and well after you’ve settled into your new space. These moving shelving systems can fit your needs now and well after you’ve settled into your new space.

low profile athletics storage

Product Details

Manual Wheelhouse Systems:

  • Designed for smaller storage applications with less frequent access.
  • Utilizes a variety of rail options to ensure smooth performance.

Mechanical Assist Wheelhouse Systems:

  • Engineered for increased capacity and access.
  • Available in standard lengths up to 24 feet on leveled rail and up to 20 feet on unleveled rail.

Powered Wheelhouse Systems:

  • Offers plug-in-the-wall power for easy installation.
  • Includes overhead lighting, auto battery backup, and other safety and functionality features for enhanced performance.

Max weight: 450-750 lbs. per linear ft.
Max length: 24’
Max height: 10’
Manufactured: Made in USA
Service: Local Support
Move: Easily Relocatable

low profile mobile athletics storage systems

Staying In Control 

We understand that no two operations are the same, which is why we offer a variety of control options to ensure your mobile system is exactly what your space requires. From mechanical assist handles that can move thousands of pounds with minimal effort to systems that operate at the touch of a button, our versatile systems can be configured to increase efficiency and boost your bottom line.  

Weighting the Advantages of High-Density Storage AIA presentation

Weighing the Advantages of High-Density Storage

A continuing education course on how utilizing high-density mobile storage systems can save space, time, and money for a wide array of users with its efficient design and versatile functionality.

Safety First, Last, and Always 

Concerned about safety? We are, too. That’s why we offer multiple safety options for the use, entry, and operation of our mobile storage systems.

safety sweep mobile safety feature options
1. Safety Sweep

Full protection for people and objects in open HDMS aisles by automatically stopping carriage movement upon contact.

photo sweep mobile system safety feature
2. Photo Sweep®

An infrared light beam projected the length of the carriage at its base, stops system movement when broken.

aisle entry sensor mobile system safety feature
3. Aisle Entry Sensor

If a person enters a closing aisle, cross-aisle sensors stop the system from moving when triggered.