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Save Energy in your Commercial Cannabis Grow

Optimize Space to Boost Profits

October 21st, 2020 - less than a minute read

Want to conserve resources and increase productivity in your indoor commercial cannabis grow? Use mobile vertical racking to save energy by growing more plants in the same space.

cannabis two level vertical grow
cannabis two level vertical grow

Power and payroll are typically the two biggest expenses for any large-scale medical cannabis facility. If you can decrease energy use while still maintaining yield and quality, your savings will immediately translate into increased profits. If you can actually increase yields in the same space, profits grow even more.

So what’s the best way to minimize resource consumption while maximizing quality and yields? Grow more in the same space. You might wonder how that’s possible — but then again you might be surprised at how much space is wasted in your current grow.

The GROW Mobile System

Growing more plants in the same space means reduced energy costs per plant.

Spacesaver GROW Mobile Systems eliminate wasted space in the aisles and allow for two to four tiers of growing area, which means you can:

  • Dramatically increase grow area
  • Reduce energy use
  • Decrease cost per plant
  • Give plants plenty of room to grow
  • Provide safe, comfortable working conditions for employees
spacesaver grow systems mobile tables

Triple Bottom Line Accounting

This is great news for any indoor grow, but it’s of particular interest to cultivators who are trying to distinguish themselves and their brands through “triple bottom line” accounting. The triple bottom line is a way to evaluate cannabis cultivation practices and move toward greater resource efficiency — and it’s a way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices.

Triple Bottom Line accounting involves:

  • Economic competitiveness
    Producing more cannabis in the same space is good for profits.
  • Community relations
    Your customers — and your community — will appreciate knowing that with your Spacesaver installation, you’re purchasing products are made in the USA of recycled steel, in an employee-owned Wisconsin factory that prides itself on giving back to the community and protecting our natural resources.
  • Environmental impacts
    Using space more effectively results in a smaller building footprint and reduced energy consumption.

See how this LEED-designed facility optimizes space to conserve resources.

marijuana indoor growing equipment 3-tier

The Right System for Your Grow

You’re paying to heat and cool your entire grow room, so make the most of every cubic inch. Spacesaver systems are custom designed and manufactured to optimize space in your grow. Let us demonstrate why Spacesaver’s GROW Mobile System is the best solution when choosing to grow vertical, request a full system video walkthrough.

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