2020 ‘Coolest Thing Made in Fort Atkinson’

Spacesaver’s High-Density Mobile Systems Named ‘Coolest Thing Made in Fort Atkinson’ for 2020

‘Sliding shelves’ help save space and improve efficiency.

What do Queen Victoria’s undergarments, presidential memorabilia, 6,000-pound torpedoes, and Coca-Cola collectibles have in common? They’re all stored on Spacesaver’s high-density mobile systems! The innovative “sliding shelves” have been made in Fort Atkinson since 1972 and they were voted the “Coolest Thing Made in Fort Atkinson” during the Chamber of Commerce’s annual contest.

“This contest is a great way to highlight the unique impact of our community’s businesses, and we’re thrilled to win for a second year in a row,” said Spacesaver CEO Mark Haubenschild.

See ‘Sliding Shelves’ in Action

Here are just a few ways that high-density mobile systems save space and promote efficiency.

Spacesaver’s mobile shelving technology helps people care for some of the most interesting and important objects in the world. The systems save space and improve efficiency in museums, libraries, military bases, public safety buildings, hospitals, and many other workplaces. They work by mounting shelving, cabinets, or racking on “carriages” that move along rails, transforming wasted aisle space into useful storage. Users can easily open aisles to access stored items using handles, a mechanical assist handle, electronic controls, and now even a mobile phone or tablet with our TUSC™ Control app.

From left to rightsteel shelving manufacturer: Amanda Wollin – Director of Marketing, Brian Patterman – Production Manager, Sean Krause – Director of Engineering and Chris Boycks – Production Manager

Spacesaver’s high-density mobile systems store and protect some of the world’s most interesting and important objects, including museum artifacts and supplies and equipment for hospitals and the military. The product was recently voted the ‘Coolest Thing Made in Fort.’

The award is part of the Fort Atkinson Chamber of Commerce’s annual observance of Manufacturing Month.

“The things we make here help people all over North America and even around the world better manage their time, space, and security,” said Laurel Harrison, Spacesaver’s vice-president of sales and marketing. “We deeply appreciate this recognition by the Chamber and our community.”

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