Refreshing Spacesaver Electronic Shelving

Refreshing Spacesaver Electronic Shelving

A large library refreshes its Spacesaver electronic shelving systems after decades of continual use.

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This large public library occupies an entire city block. Even with all that square footage, Spacesaver’s compact shelving has been essential for optimizing space and accommodating the library’s collections since the early 1990s.

No Need to Replace, Just Update

Decades after the library’s opening, the powered systems started to falter, similar to the thermostats and other electronic systems in the aging building. The electronic components needed to be replaced because Spacesaver could no longer source the parts needed for repair.

spacesaver system electric shelving upgrade

After weighing their options, the library’s administrative team decided to reinvest in the Spacesaver system. They determined that compact shelving was essential to the library’s function and an update would create a more pleasant work environment while also extending the useful life of the valuable asset.

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compact shelving powered system upgrade

The local Spacesaver distributorship refreshed the system’s aging electronic controls, motors, and safety systems, while also updating its look. The technicians removed the old grey end panels and replaced them with new maple-look laminate panels that brighten the space and give it a modern appearance. They also installed new LED lighting, which is brighter and more efficient than the old fluorescent lights.

Now the library is ready for decades more of reliable Spacesaver system operation.

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