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Enhancing Library Spaces with Spacesaver

Your trusted partners

October 1st, 2023 - less than a minute read

In the evolving landscape of libraries, the transition to high-density shelving is a pivotal step. Spacesaver stands as a trusted partner, assisting architects, planners, administrators, and library professionals in comprehending the intricacies involved in planning and designing off-site facilities.

university book shelving storage transformation

Optimizing Space Usage

Leveraging an expansive network of local affiliates, Spacesaver offers specialized space consultants who grasp the distinct requirements of libraries and archives. The initial stride towards renewing your space and establishing a facility that aligns seamlessly with your institution's needs involves reaching out to Spacesaver for a complimentary space assessment.

Guidance in Designing Your Vision

Ensuring your project is executed flawlessly, your designated Spacesaver design consultant accompanies you throughout the entire process. From brainstorming concepts in the pre-design phase to finalizing design, overseeing installation, and handling maintenance, your local consultant is your dedicated guide. They deeply comprehend your institution's requirements and act as a crucial bridge between end users, architects, designers, contractors, Spacesaver's engineering team, and the manufacturing facility located in Wisconsin, USA.

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Library Transformation

Download guide for all library tranformation tips.

Seamless Procurement Process

When contemplating a purchase from Spacesaver, understanding the available procurement options is essential. Spacesaver offers a range of contracts, partnerships, and teaming agreements, granting you the flexibility to choose the most suitable method to procure your storage systems.

Embarking on a journey to enhance your university library spaces is a strategic decision. With Spacesaver as your partner, navigating the complexities of high-density shelving and transforming your library into an efficient and accommodating space becomes an informed and efficient endeavor. Reach out to Spacesaver to take the first step in reimagining your library's future.

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