Surgical Kit Storage Solutions

Surgical Kit Storage Solutions

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Mobile storage in a variety of styles and configurations.

Staff at most hospitals need to store surgical kits, also called surgical trays, which contain the sterilized instruments that are required to perform standard procedures. These kits must be kept sterile and well organized to ensure efficiency and promote patient health.

Spacesaver offers a variety of space-saving options to keep surgical kits clean, organized, and close at hand.

4-Post Shelving on Carriages and Rails

This Illinois hospital needed to save space in its sterile core while still keeping surgical kits organized and accessible. They worked with their local Spacesaver representative to design a system based on 4-Post shelving mounted on Spacesaver carriages and rails. When a staffer needs to stock or retrieve a kit, he or she simply turns the mechanical-assist handle to quickly and easily open an aisle for access.

Healthcare Surgical Kit Storage Solutions

Healthcare Stainless Steel ActivRAC Mobilized Storage System

Stainless Steel ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System

The Spacesaver solution at this Naval hospital consists of wire shelving on stainless steel ActivRAC with stainless rail. The ActivRAC system allows the shelving units to move along rails installed on the floor, eliminating wasted space in the aisles. Because the facility could not have rails installed in the floor, surface-mounted rails were installed on top of the existing floor surface and the Spacesaver affiliate arranged to have new vinyl composition tile installed flush to the rails, which helped minimize their protrusion.

4-Post Shelving on Casters

This health care center, located in suburban Los Angeles, opted for a cart system to store its surgical kits and associated supplies. The carts consist of Spacesver 4-Post steel shelving mounted on casters, with shallow drawers below and open shelving above. This particular solution is 22 feet long and runs along two sides of the room.

Healthcare 4-post Shelving on Casters

Contact your Spacesaver representative for a free on-site consultation and to learn more about space-saving options in healthcare settings.