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Sustainable Support Through Storage

Spacesaver’s solutions can help bring sustainability to any industry focus.

April 22nd, 2022 - 3 min read
Wherever you are and whatever you do, we at Spacesaver wish you a Happy Earth Month!

Now, when you think of sustainability, is your first thought storage solutions? We’d assume not. However, we hope after reading this blog and learning more about some of our space-efficient installations, you consider Spacesaver’s product lineup as a viable option.

Below are five examples that embody the spirit of Earth Month and the sustainable practices it promotes.

1. Taking “Going Green” to Another Level

Galenas LLC is a certified organic medical cannabis grower located in Ohio that is committed to patient health and environmental sustainability.

"Our goal is to minimize our carbon footprint while also creating the best possible environment for the plants," said Geoffrey Korff, Galenas LLC Founder and CEO.

Their challenge with achieving this goal, is that the state-issued cultivation license limits the footprint of their grow area to 3,000 SF. This is where our team came in.

By installing our GROW Mobile System, we were able to help Galenas go vertical and quadruple their canopy space. In conjunction with the GROW system, LED lights, irrigation, compost-based living soil, and benches were installed to maintain a consistent environment, ultimately reducing costs.

vertical grow racking system for indoor cannabis growth

2. Sustainability Rarely Takes the Easy Route

When the Chemical Heritage Foundation needed to expand to bring its large archive facility onsite, it was crucial that the historic integrity of the neighborhood and its surrounding structures was preserved, and maximum storage capacity was achieved.

Due to the condition and heritage of the building – located in one the most historic districts in the United States – the Foundation called on experts in both interior and exterior design, ensuring the restored asset was a perfect marriage of modern functionality and historic reverence.

Utilizing our XTend Mobile High-Bay system was a perfect fit to maximize the storage capacity of this noteworthy project. With 36-foot-tall mobile shelving units, the state-of-the-art storage facility can accommodate another 20 years of collections.

chemical heritage foundation multi-story room with column of tvs

3. In the LEED By Miles

Western Michigan University’s (WMU) LEED Silver certified contribution to sustainability registers on all 5 senses. Students and staff who used to have to traverse a three-building maze of information comingled with a gymnasium and swimming pool, now can find all they need and more at the 16,000 SF Zhang Legacy Collections Center.

Utilizing neat and efficient Spacesaver high-bay storage systems, the state-of-the-art, climate-controlled Center houses all WMU’s archives, and features a large reading room for activities such as public lectures and conferences.

offsite high-bay storage at green warehouse

4. Another Seattle Staple with Silver and Green

In 2005, the Seattle Central Library became one of the first 50 buildings to receive LEED Silver Certification from the US Green Building Council and continues to be a beacon for libraries to date. Ninety percent of all regularly occupied spaces within the 11-story architectural masterpiece have access to daylight, severely reducing the need for artificial lighting.

One of Spacesaver’s main contributions to promoting sustainable operations at the library was our support in managing its collection of nearly 1.4 million different book volumes. Featuring a mix of mechanical assist and electrically powered operation, the mobile systems provide double the capacity of traditional shelving systems that have allowed the library to house all their materials in one location.

seattle library kiosk lockable storage solution and book shelf

5. Sustainable Safety Storage Systems

In 2009, voters in Salt Lake City, Utah approved funding for a new public safety building and emergency operations center that combined police, fire, and emergency response departments into one location. Knowing the value these departments bring to the community and the negative repercussions a lapse in efficiency could have on their effectiveness, the design team reached out to other modern safety centers across the country for advice.

Based on the recommendations they received, the team brought in our local consultants to assess the current and future space needs of the departments and provide sustainable storage solutions for each specific use case.

In addition to featuring our versatile and efficient solutions, the project is the first net-zero energy public safety building in the nation, meaning it must generate as much energy as it uses.

police department outdoor patio and entrance with glass awning

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