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Vertical Grow Rack Systems

Gaining more cannabis canopy in a retrofitted warehouse.

May 13th, 2021 - less than a minute read

As cannabis legalization expands, so does demand. This Oklahoma commercial cannabis cultivation operation has repeatedly called on Spacesaver to optimize space in new build outs.

Industry-Leading Cannabis Racking

Get the best vertical racking for your cannabis grow. See what sets our vertical grow rack systems apart.

The Challenge
Warehouse Build Out

This facility consisted of seven flowering rooms in a renovated warehouse. The growers wanted to take advantage of the 16’ ceiling height, and they needed a robust vertical racking system to handle the weight of plants, pots, and growing media.

warehouse multi-tier vertical racking mobile grow systems

The Solution
Spacesaver Vertical Racking

An HVAC contractor had initially referred the owners to the local Spacesaver cannabis consultant, and they were so pleased with the Spacesaver GROW Mobile Systems in their first facility that they called on him again. He designed two-tiered mobile vertical racking systems that fill each room.

The Result
More Canopy, More Profits

Just like the original facility, Spacesaver’s vertical racking systems optimize space and provide more room for growing cannabis. There’s also plenty of space for lighting and ventilation systems, which can be easily integrated with the racking for a clean, safe grow.

“More lights equals more plants, which equals more pounds, which equals more money,” said the Spacesaver consultant. “We’re happy to help make the most of their space.”

Let us demonstrate why Spacesaver’s GROW Mobile System is the best solution when choosing to grow vertical, request a full system video walkthrough.

industrial cannabis racking systems

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