Toronto, Ontario

Hockey Equipment Room

Toronto Maple Leaf’s score more hockey equipment storage.
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PLEASE NOTE: We’ve maintained our relationship with the Maple Leafs over the years since this case study was originally published. We’ve designed and installed additional Spacesaver mobile systems in the training facility, home rink, and practice rink, along with Day Use Lockers on multiple floors throughout the renovated office complex. We look forward to sharing photos and more information about these updates in the future.

Hockey equipment stored on Widespan powered mobile storage system

When the Toronto Maple Leafs remodeled their home ice hockey equipment and locker room area at the Air Canada Centre, some of their storage space was left out in the cold. The new space looked great. And cozier. (Code for smaller.)

Not to be deterred, the equipment manager was well aware of the space-saving benefits of mobile shelving storage through conversations he’d had with other equipment managers in his profession. Rob McClelland of Spacesaver Solutions in Aurora, Ontario iced the deal, thanks to his own contacts.

Rob and the project team designed their storage solution around the powered mobile shelving system, which resulted from an on-site inventory of all the hockey equipment storage and uniforms, as well as a “wish list” from the equipment manager on how to organize it. The crème de la crème request: Custom-made, 3D team logo adorning each carriage.

No problem. Score that, too.

The system was designed accordingly, organizing like equipment together while keeping individual sizes separate. Cubbies were sized and positioned within the carriages to accommodate the vast range of items both large and small. Hockey gloves are higher, for instance. Dividers and bins were incorporated to make everything work as efficiently as the team during a power play. Even a special place for chewing gum was created.

Athletic equipment locker storage

The system also features a priority aisle setting, allowing for additional security while automatically resetting itself for immediate access the next time it is used. But who could miss the signature, 3D team logo? Rob worked with local fabricator to develop it. Each is made from Plexiglas—truly a one-of-a-kind detail that everyone within the Maple Leaf’s organization takes pride in—beginning with the equipment manager.

Sure, a Stanley Cup might be more coveted, shinier, and can be used as a one-of-a-kind drinking device, but you can’t store 1,500 hockey sticks in it. Call Rob for that!