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Complete GROW Systems

What’s in this product presentation?

As cannabis legalization spreads across North America, licensed indoor cultivators are ramping up production to meet demand. In this presentation, we’ll help you understand indoor growers’ biggest challenges and how Spacesaver’s GROW Mobile systems, Widespan GROW, and GROW Drying System help overcome them. We’ll show you how our systems help cultivators grow more plants in the same space while also conserving resources and creating a safe workplace. We’ll also explain how Spacesaver, along with our partners and our local distribution teams, work with architects, facility managers, and others to provide complete growing systems for cannabis growers.

  1. Understand indoor cultivators’ top challenges such as high costs, environmental control, and maintaining consistent product yields.
  2. Learn how Spacesaver’s GROW Mobile systems are designed to mitigate and solve the challenges of cultivation facilities.
  3. Determine how working with Spacesaver, our partners, and our local distribution teams bring expert guidance, the best products in indoor horticulture, and a full-service solution.
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