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Strategic supply management impacts every aspect of healthcare. When designed properly, comprehensive healthcare storage solutions help hospitals and other healthcare facilities improve patient care, control costs, and save space.

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Improve Patient Care

Proper healthcare storage directly impacts the patient experience. Well-organized storage areas promote better patient care by:

  • Allowing staff to spend more time with patients
  • Reducing risk of mix-ups
  • Reducing risk of infection

Healthcare Market Fact

Nurses spend on average of 21 minutes per shift searching for lost equipment and supplies.

Drug Storage in Pharmacies

Drug storage for pharmacies can add storage capacity without expanding your footprint.

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adjustable pharmacy drug shelving

Temporary Evidence Lockers

Onsite evidence lockers store biological evidence until police can retrieve it.

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Temporary Evidence Locker Storage Solutions

Sterile Surgical Kits

Sterile surgical kits at an Illinois hospital are organized on a high-density mobile system.

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Sterile Surgical Kit Healthcare Storage Solution

Your Partner in Preparedness

See how you can create a cleaner workplace and keep emergency essentials on hand.

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Preparedness Supply Storage Planning

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Virtual Designing Healthcare Facilities

Examine challenges within the healthcare environment that affect workflows and the health, safety, and welfare of occupants; learn how FF&E can contribute to occupant wellness and LEED certification; and view real-world case studies. Learn more and sign up for our virtual AIA webinar.

Control Costs

Well-organized storage areas help control costs by promoting:

  • Streamlined inventory processes
  • Restricted access to costly assets
  • Less staff time spent restocking and looking for supplies
  • Less idle equipment
  • Fewer idle supplies

Secure Storage

Locking cabinets integrate with electronic supply management system to save hospital 40,000 a year.

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Secure Storage Locker and Cabinet Solutions for the Healthcare Market

Healthcare Market Fact

An estimated $4,000 of equipment per bed is lost or stolen in the average U.S. hospital annually. A 300-bed hospital could be losing $1.2 million of equipment each year.

Healthcare Market Fact

Hospital workers experienced an injury/illness incidence rate of 7 percent. That’s higher than private construction (4%), manufacturing (4.4%), and mining (3.7%)

Improve Staff Morale

Accessible, well-organized healthcare storage solutions boost morale by reducing frustration and minimizing physical strain, allowing staff to devote their attention to patient care.

Healthcare Improve Staff Morale

Reduce frustration associated with looking for lost items.

Healthcare Improve Staff Morale

Store items at point of need.

Healthcare Improve Staff Morale

Prevent musculoskeletal strain.

Save Space

Every square foot of a healthcare facility that’s used for storage is a square foot that can’t be used for patient care. But because proper storage is vital to optimizing assets and promoting patient health, it makes sense to maximize space with compact storage.

Healthcare High-Density Mobile Storage Systems

High-density mobile storage systems eliminate wasted aisle space in supply rooms and other areas.

Healthcare Configurable Storage to Maximize Vertical Space

Maximize vertical space with configurable shelving, modular bins, and steel pegboard.

Compact Storage Solutions

An Ohio hospital optimizes space with modular bins and compact shelving.

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Optimize Hospital Space with Modular Bin Storage

Healthcare Storage Products

Healthcare Storage Products - Steel Pegboard Storage Solutions

Steel pegboard provides sturdy storage for bins and hanging items.

Services Your Trusted Partners

Spacesaver and its network of local consultants can help design, build, install, and maintain flexible storage systems that integrate with existing equipment while saving space and providing room to grow. Our projects are engineered and manufactured in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, the same small town where Spacesaver was founded more than 45 years ago.

Spacesaver Promise - Build, Install and Maintain

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