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Sterile Supply Storage for Healthcare

Central Sterile Supply

Sterile storage is a crucial component of any hospital’s patient care strategy. Well-organized sterile supply areas allow staff to find what they need quickly, which improves response times and staff morale. Your local Spacesaver representative can recommend a variety of ways to improve patient care, control costs, and save space.

A smarter sterile supply storage solution can help you:

  • Improve patient care by keeping supplies organized, accessible, and clean
  • Control costs through better management of inventory and staff time
  • Save space by using every inch of storage areas

Download our Sterile Storage lookbook to see how we’ve helped other hospitals streamline their sterile supply storage.

Free Download of Our Lookbook on Healthcare Sterile Storage Solutions

Save space in sterile supply rooms

Spacesaver’s High-Density Mobile Systems allow you to store significantly more supplies in your existing space by eliminating wasted aisle space. Shelving units slide on rails to eliminate wasted aisles.

Mechanical-assist handles or electronically powered systems allow staff to open aisles when and where they’re needed. Systems can be designed with aisles of virtually any width, allowing plenty of space to accommodate carts.

High-Density Mobile Storage Floor Rail Storage Solution

Surgical Kits stored on high-density shelving

Store surgical kits compactly

Keep surgical kits organized and accessible while also saving space. Our shelving can be configured and reconfigured on the fly, with no special tools, to optimize every cubic inch of storage space.

Keep small supplies organized

Gauze, bandages, and other surgical supplies need to be organized so that staff can quickly find what they need. Bin dividers are an option, but we’ve found that plastic bins are often the most effective storage solution for large quantities of smaller items. Plastic storage bins can simply be set on top of shelving or installed on Spacesaver’s EZ Rail® element to save even more space.

Surgicaly supply storage at a hospital

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