Academic Libraries

Adaptability Starts with Flexible Storage

One of the most prominent examples of new design trends on campus is in the library. As libraries of all levels expand their programs to offer more resources to students, key design goals remain the same – provide access to information, accommodation for students’ work styles, and adaptability for the future.

Transformation Starts Here

A library’s central focus remains in the form of books and research materials. There are many ways to utilize library storage and shelving to enable access to these and other forms of media while complementing the overall design of the space.

library learning center with desks and shelving
A great place to start is to keep collections at the core of the library. Whether refreshing the space or repurposing areas for new uses, Cantilever Shelving allows users easy access to materials, can brighten an area, and adds a more contemporary look to any library design.
library learning center with desks and shelving
Mobile library shelving or High-Density Mobile Storage. Can double the storage capacity in the same footprint or store the same amount in half the footprint. These versatile solutions can be customized with end panel graphics to fit the look and feel of your library.
academic library compact mobile shelving

Forward-Thinking Library Design

Building an addition was beyond the budget for the College of Charleston, so its project team had to get creative to find more usable space within the library’s existing structure. Working with an architect and the local Spacesaver representative, they developed a comprehensive solution that would meet their goals.

Flexible Operation

Libraries often are the heart of a school or campus and are used for multiple purposes. Learning and collaboration may drive activity, but there’s also demand for meeting and group project work, quiet study, makerspace, and much more to account for in library design. How can libraries be designed for functionality and flexibility all at once?

college library flexible shelving
Spacesaver’s Flexible Shelving features casters that allow staff to easily move them, creating space for activities on the fly. Additionally, the lower heights of these rolling library shelves open sight lines, particularly important within K-12 school library environments.
college library makerspace
In response to an increased demand for makerspaces, libraries are utilizing Spacesaver's versatile solutions to create supply storage that can easily be accessed by students, allowing them to collaborate on projects with ease.
cantilever library flexible shelving
Harper College’s library was overcrowded with a labyrinthine layout that made it difficult for students to find their way around. We helped to design shelving that not only stored books and other printed materials, but also coordinated with the team’s design goals.

Academic Collections

Higher Education institutions have unique needs when preserving and providing access to their special collections. Here are a few examples of how Spacesaver can help with academic library collections storage. Here are a few examples of how Spacesaver has helped with storing academic library collections.

Smarter library book storage projects archival collections.

Smarter Library Book Storage

Music Library creates highly specialized sheet music storage provided by Spacesaver.

School Music Library

Detailed space analysis completed to house entire library in one location.

Law School Library
off-site library storage solutions

Reach Higher

Many universities are opting to move some or most of their collections and archives to off-site facilities. Moving and consolidating collections frees up space within libraries for new technology, study spaces, makerspaces, and more. Discover all the benefits of Spacesaver’s High-Bay Shelving and how it can help educational institutions of all sizes maximize space.

public library storage solutions

Growing Public

Public libraries are changing to meet the needs of their communities and help staff find space for new uses. Spacesaver’s USA-made display shelving, compact shelving, and other public library shelving solutions have helped libraries serve their patrons for decades, and we can help you, too!