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As public libraries change to meet the needs of their communities, staff need to create space for new uses while still accommodating book collections and other materials. Spacesaver’s USA-made cantilever shelving, compact shelving, and other custom library shelving solutions have helped libraries serve their patrons for decades, aligning to modern library design trends while offering flexibility and functionality.

Compact Collections

Create Space for New Uses

Using high-density mobile shelving enabled the historic St. Louis Central Library to consolidate its collection from a seven-tiered central system onto just three interior mezzanine-like floors, plus the basement level of the library. The design maximizes the interior floor space of the building’s original footprint and frees space for new elements.

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Move Beyond Basic Metal Library Shelving

Cantilever Shelving: Stationary or Flexible

Library book shelving has options that range from great to gorgeous.

  • Learn how to bring lighting closer to the spines of the books within Cantilever Shelving, a design trend Mt. Royal University in its renovation.
  • Discover why Marmalade Public Library leverages Flexible Shelving to find the space they need when they need it.
custom public library shelves

Make a Bold Statement

Custom Shelving as a Design Element

The renovation of the Madison Public Library’s downtown location presented staff and designers with the opportunity to brighten and expand a reading area for children. A major feature in this vibrant space is a soaring installation that consists of out-of-circulation books displayed on engineered-to-order Spacesaver 4-Post Shelving.

custom public library design elements

The primary goal of the Philadelphia Free Library’s renovation was to help bridge the city’s “digital divide” – the growing gap between residents who have convenient, affordable internet access and those who don’t. Relocating books from a restricted stacks area helped to create new spaces with Wi-Fi access and other resources for meeting areas, offering more opportunities for the city's residents.

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Learning For All Levels

Library shelves ought to be designed for accessibility for all patrons. Maintaining compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is easily achieved with Spacesaver’s storage systems. Learn how to encourage exploration and ensure accessibility with Spacesaver's browsing bins and child-sized displays.

public library local history display cabinet

Display Community Archives

Preserve and protect your community’s story for generations to come. Discover how museum cabinets can offer optimal storage for artifacts and remain on display. See how custom end panels can engage and delight patrons by combining history and aesthetics.

academic library storage solutions

Academic Libraries

The way students learn and collaborate continues to evolve. Find out how institutions of all sizes maintain access to materials while keeping the library as a hub of activity for their campus community.

off-site library storage solutions

Off-Site Libraries

Sometimes the answer is not right in front of you. And in the case of libraries with large special collections of rare, low-circulation volumes, going off-site can be the best solution. Explore the possibilities for creating space when less means more in your main library.

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50 Years of Public Library Shelving

Whether your community is considering building a new library or renovating your existing facility, contact Spacesaver early in the design process for expert insights and assistance. Local teams can conduct a site survey, explain your options, provide drawings, and create solutions to engage and inspire your patrons for decades to come. Schedule a meeting today.