Off-Site Archival Library Storage

No longer quiet spaces with strictly library shelving and book volumes, today’s libraries look much different than they did 10 years ago. See how your library can use off-site storage to dramatically transform itself to maintain relevance in the community it serves.

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Why Off-Site Library Shelving?

Many libraries are choosing off-site storage with high-bay shelving to free space in their main location and become a more contemporary version of itself. Here are some reasons why:

  • Storing collections in a dedicated facility offers increased preservation and protection for rare and valuable pieces.
  • Some libraries are landlocked in urban locations and/or on campus and can’t build an addition simply because there is no space available for expansion.
  • As the high price of adjacent lots or other parcels can be prohibitive to the institution, off-site facilities offer a more cost-effective option.
  • Some libraries are located in historically or architecturally significant buildings, and building an expansion would damage their aesthetic appeal.
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AIA Continuing Education Course

Learn more through our AIA presentation: Protecting and Preserving Materials for Civic, Public Safety, and Higher Education Institutions with Off-Site Storage Solutions. Counts toward 1 AIA/HSW LU Credit.

Maximize Off-Site Library Shelving

Today’s libraries and archives are facing a paradox, as they are trying to fit an increasing number of irreplaceable materials into a decreasing amount of storage space. Moving seldom-accessed materials to an off-site library shelving system can offer the opportunity to update a library’s service offerings. Designed specifically for off-site storage, Spacesaver’s high-bay systems provide optimal space efficiency, accessibility, and protection for stored materials. The gold standard for storing boxes, books, or other materials in off-site facilities, our high-bay systems can extend to accommodate storage up to 35 feet high, making the most of the vertical space in your facility.

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Off-Site Shelving Toolkit

Get the info you need to make the best decisions about planning and designing an off-site library shelving facility.

The Changing Role of Libraries

public library storage solutions

Public Libraries

Beacons to the communities they serve, public libraries must find ways to balance collections, meeting areas, and access to technology. Learn how to engage and inspire patrons with best-in-class library storage solutions.

academic library storage solutions

Academic Libraries

The way students learn and collaborate continues to evolve. Find out how institutions of all sizes maintain access to materials while keeping the library as a hub of activity for their campus community.

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Next Steps

For decades, Spacesaver has helped library professionals successfully design and implement off-site shelving facilities. Reach out to our experts for space planning services, product installation, and long-term service and maintenance by factory-certified technicians.