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Off-site Library Shelving

Spacesaver is a trusted partner to a variety of institutions, and we can help save space and improve efficiency at any off-site facility. Our project management teams work with local distributors to provide on-site planning assistance and installation services, as well as long-term maintenance.



Libraries and Archives Face a Paradox

Libraries and archives are trying to fit an increasing number of irreplaceable materials into a decreasing amount of storage space. This is of particular concern for institutions that need to maintain and expand their collections while offering more open, flexible workspaces such as collaborative work areas, classrooms, makerspaces, and meeting rooms.

Moving seldom-accessed materials to an off-site library shelving system can free up space to update a library’s service offerings. Designed specifically for off-site storage, high-bay systems provide optimal space efficiency, accessibility, and protection for stored materials.

Architects & Designers Upcoming Presentation

Don’t miss our AIA virtual presentation on Protecting and Preserving Materials for Civic, Public Safety and Higher Education Institutions with Off-site Storage Solutions. Counts toward 1 AIA/HSW LU Credit.

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XTend High-Bay Mobile shelving

Maximize Off-Site Library Shelving

Spacesaver’s high-bay shelving systems are the gold standard for storing boxes, books, or other materials in off-site facilities and extends up to 35 feet high to make the most of the vertical space in your facility.


Prestigious libraries around the U.S. and Canada have recently installed high-bay shelving for a number of reasons.

  • Some are landlocked in urban locations and/or on campus and can’t build an addition simply because there is no space available for expansion.
  • In areas where adjacent lots or other parcels are available, the high price of real estate can be prohibitive.
  • Some libraries are located in historically or architecturally significant buildings, and building an expansion would damage their aesthetic appeal.

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Off-Site Toolkit

Get the info you need to make the best decisions about planning and designing an off-site library shelving facility.

download offsite storage introduction guide

Intro to Off-site Storage

See off-site shelving options.

download library high-bay planning guide

Planning an off-site facility

Learn about planning considerations, from budgeting to site selection to building systems.

Go Behind the Scenes at these Campus Libraries’ High-bay Facilities

off-site library storage extra tall shelving systems

Texas State University – San Marcos

Storing art collections as well as printed materials.

high-bay library large collection storage

University of Calgary

Featuring bright, open workspaces. Also storing art collections.

off-site campus library shelving storage

University of Texas-Austin

Repurposing library space for modern uses.

off-site library powered high bay

University On Demand & On Site

Library robotic retrieval system vs. Spacesaver High-Bay library shelving.

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Virtual Off-Site Storage Product Presentation

Learn how our off-site storage solution has helped to transform libraries across the country. Schedule your free virtual presentation today or contact us to learn how to make the best use of your space.

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