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As public libraries change to meet the needs of their communities, we help staff find space for new uses while still accommodating book collections and other materials. Spacesaver’s USA-made display shelving, compact shelving, and other public library shelving solutions have helped libraries serve their patrons for decades, and we can help you, too!

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Built-in Flexibility

Reconfigure spaces on demand

community library moveable book shelves

Flexible Shelving promotes quick adaptable spaces.

library flexible library shelving systems

Flexible Shelving can be customized to coordinate with your library’s interior design.

library compact shelving systems

Compactable kiosks open for browsing and close to make space for special events.

“We know that spine-out storage is convenient for parents and librarians, but it’s not ideal for kids. They need to see the book covers to determine their own selections.”

– Dee Coover, DeKalb Public Library

Inviting Spaces

Encourage exploration with browsing bins and child-sized displays

public library book bin shelving

Browsing bins help kids make their own selections.

public library children books shelving bins

Child-height book bins encourage browsing.

public library media browsing bin storage

Browsing bins keep media collections organized and accessible.

Library Storage Solutions

Illuminating Inquiry

Energy-efficient lighting, right where it’s needed

cantilever library shelving light integration

Illuminated library shelving creates a welcoming ambiance.

lighting integrated into book shelving

Illuminated shelving saves energy.

Compact Collections

Reduce stacks’ footprint to free up space for modern uses

Using high-density mobile shelving enabled the historic St. Louis Central Library to consolidate its collection from a seven-tiered central system onto just three interior mezzanine-like floors, plus the basement level of the library. Not only is the new space safer, but it’s also brighter and easier to navigate. The design truly maximizes the interior floor space of the building’s original footprint.

public library moveable book shelves compact systems

Together, architects and librarians had almost doubled the square footage open to the public without expanding the original walls an inch.

– Marta Murvosh, Growing Room: St. Louis Public Library’s Grand Central Renovation, Library by Design Magazine

Creating a Safer Environment

Keep patrons and staff safe with smart solutions from Spacesaver.

HVAC Integration

Antimicrobial Coating

Contact-Free System Operation

Isolate Personal Belongings

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Community Archives

Protect and preserve local treasures

public library display community history

Custom end panels feature historic photos from the community.

community archive secure display flat file cabinet

Cabinets on casters invite patrons to investigate regional maps.

public library community history preservation storage

Archives in a library help preserve a community’s past.

Bold Statements

Custom shelving as a design element

Free Library of Philadelphia

The primary goal of the Philadelphia Free Library’s recent renovation was to help bridge the city’s “digital divide,” the growing gap between residents who have convenient, affordable internet access and those who don’t. Relocating books from a restricted stacks area and creating new spaces with wifi access, meeting areas, and other resources would create more opportunities for the city’s residents.

Moving books to compact shelving in the basement and to an off-site facility opened up space for “The Common,” a large community gathering space, as well as a teen area and a business and career center. These areas feature powerful wifi access and were designed with connectivity and collaboration in mind.

Anchoring the new area are two soaring custom Spacesaver “bookshelves” designed to pay homage to the stacks that had previously occupied the space. The result is an inspiring space that invites all city residents to learn, collaborate, and explore new opportunities.

Modern library design - bridging the digital divide - connected communities

public library integrate book storage

Madison Public Library

The renovation of the Madison Public Library’s downtown location presented staff and designers with the opportunity to brighten and expand a reading area for children. A major feature in this vibrant space is a 16-foot tall installation that consists of out-of-circulation books displayed on engineered-to-order Spacesaver shelving.

The designer wanted to visually connect the lower-level children’s area with large windows on the ground floor. The installation had to be safe and attractive, and it also needed to accommodate books of various widths while preventing the books’ removal.

The Spacesaver solution consists of interlocking frames that are spliced together at alternating heights, reinforcing the system’s strength and stability. The end result is an unusual installation that’s safe, customizable, and visually appealing.

50 Years of Public Library Shelving Solutions

Whether your community is considering building a new library or renovating your existing facility, contact us early in the design process for expert insights and assistance. We can explain your options, provide drawings, and ultimately create solutions to engage and inspire your patrons for decades to come.

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