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Designing a space for students & teachers

When it comes to school libraries of any age level, there’s a large focus on providing more than just a place to study or checkout a book. Spacesaver’s storage experts understand this focus and how to provide the best solutions for students and educators.

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Sometimes repurposing isn’t about making room for more collections, but simply creating more space for use. Many school libraries are reducing paper storage of books and archives by going digital and providing downloadable options for current and future collections, freeing space for other things like:

  • Collaboration Workspaces
  • Cafes
  • Digital Media Labs

Spacesaver offers mobile storage systems that can reduce your storage footprint by 50%, allowing for bigger and better options for your space.

Repurposing University Library Space

Recognizing a shift in the way students receive and professors present information, the University of Wisconsin-Madison relied on Spacesaver to consolidate its collections in off-site shelving facilities to make room for instructional innovation in the heart of campus.

school library transformable space

school library compact book storage shelving

Smarter library book storage protects archival collections

Struggling to find the balance between secure storage and open collaboration space for students, Gettysburg College looked to Spacesaver to provide archival storage to protect historic documents and free up space for study and research.

school library flex shelving carts

Flexible Operation to Fit the Day’s Need

Integrating community events and programming without expanding your school library’s footprint can be a challenge. Spacesaver’s Flexible Shelving feature casters that allow staff to easily move them, creating space for activities which may only happen once or twice a week.

hidden moveable school library shelving

Moveable Library Shelving on Campus

Having not been remodeled in more than 20 years, Harper College’s library was a dark, overcrowded, and noisy space with a labyrinthine layout that made it difficult for students to find their way around. Spacesaver helped to design shelving that not only stored books and other printed materials, but also coordinated with the team’s design goals.

Forward-thinking library design

Building an addition was beyond the budget for the College of Charleston, so its project team had to get creative to create more usable space with the library’s existing structure. Working with an architect and the local Spacesaver representative, they developed a comprehensive solution that would meet their goals.

school library space planning design

school library electric shelving upgrade

Convenience & Relability

After 25 years of reliable operation, the Spacesaver electronics in the two largest libraries of this prestigious university needed an update. Spacesaver made it easy to refresh the libraries’ investment in powered mobile shelving while also saving time and money.

Library Storage Solutions

Academic Collection Libraries

Schools have unique needs when preserving and providing access to their special collections. Here are a few examples of how Spacesaver can help to fill those needs.

school music library

School Music Library

Spacesaver helps a music library create highly specialized storage solutions to provide accessibility for students and staff, protect the materials, and make smart use of available space.

legal library compact storage shelving

Law School Library

Running out of space due to an expansive law library and an influx of new students and faculty, Spacesaver helped a university law library consolidate its collection and create space to grow.

conservator workspace shelving storage

Community Archive Library

Lacking a centralized and accessible place to store physical objects associated with historic events and everyday campus life, Spacesaver worked with Hood College faculty and staff to design solutions to protect and preserve special collections in its campus library.

Ready for a transformation?

From consolidating your current collection to creating more usable space, Spacesaver can help your school transform for your current and future needs. Reach out to our storage specialists to learn more about what that transformation could look like for you.

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