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Making A Case For Storage

Manufacturing can be summarized in a fairly simple process: take a combination of inputs, transform them, and distribute that output to generate revenue. While simple on the surface, Spacesaver understands that there are countless additional activities that coexist within a manufacturing operation. With each of these activities, there is a cost related to direct materials, labor, and overhead, ultimately becoming part of the critical calculation of your organization’s profitability.

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Importance of Properly Staged Materials

While just-in-time (JIT) processes have decreased the need for dedicated warehouse space to store raw materials, many operations still have a requirement for supplemental storage of materials used for their manufacturing processes. This demand is further compounded by supply chain disruptions creating a need to hold more stock to maintain a consistent production schedule. From small parts to large components weighing thousands of pounds, Spacesaver has shelving options to ensure your materials are easily accessible and organized, optimizing workflows and profitability.

Spacesaver’s nationwide network of local expertscan help identify the optimal layout of storage options for your unique needs. Our team will help analyze your operations, opening opportunities for the integration of Spacesaver’s High-Density Mobile Systems, ultimately reducing floor space needed to optimize your workflows.

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Point of Use Storage

Optimized manufacturing workflows have materials, people, and machinery where they are needed, at the moment they are needed. Depending on the specific operation, this could include storing components or small parts needed in the manufacturing process, or work in progress (WIP) that has left a previous work cell. Either way, Spacesaver’s 4-Post shelving and modular storage systems can be customized to provide a solution tailored to your manufacturing facility.

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Distribution of Finished Goods

Spacesaver has multiple solutions for storing finished goods after they come off the assembly line and are waiting for distribution. ActivRAC® can allow your pallet racking to be mobile, doubling your available storage space. When combined with TUSC® Control App, the system’s aisles can be opened and closed from 100’ away with the convenience of your mobile device. To move beyond pallet racking, Spacesaver’s RaptorRAC Widespan shelving allows for a customizable solution which can be utilized in both static or mobile configurations.

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Why Spacesaver

For over 50 years, Spacesaver has been manufacturing high-quality, steel storage solutions in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Our manufacturing experts and engineers have been creating manufacturing storage solutions that are specifically designed for the exact situation and problem you are trying to solve. Contact us to get a free space assessment and consultation by one of our nationwide local experts.