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School Libraries Re-Designed

When it comes to school libraries, at any age level, there’s been a large focus providing more than just a place to study or checkout a book. Many school libraries seem to compete with one another to offer the most options for students and patrons.

There are many factors when repurposing libraries and selecting school library shelving. Sometimes it’s not about making room for more collections, but reducing your storage space all together. Many school libraries are going digital and providing downloadable options for current and future collections. By reducing paper storage of books and archives, it allows for libraries to use that space for other things like:

  • Collaboration Workspaces
  • Cafes
  • Digital Media Labs

But what happens to the existing paper copies? Spacesaver offers mobile storage systems that can reduce your storage footprint by 50{4af29eef6daee617c6de5a219d33b65aa7855320174b104e5b0e7e5833d9bed2}, allowing for bigger and better options for your space. Take a look at our school library shelving and storage options below.

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Metal Storage

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