Fine Art Collections

Preserve & Protect Fine Art

Fine art collectors accumulate pieces for a variety of reasons. Some to preserve regional or national history for generations to come, while others collect and display art to inspire their employees and partners and encourage them to think creatively. Others purchase art to support emerging artists and enhance their public image. In fact, many firms have allowed their executives to select works for display in their offices as a prestigious perk.

Creating Space for Interpretation

While the beauty of art may be determined in the eye of the individual beholder, its security is upheld by the collective systems their curators employ to store them. From the museum to the office, effectively preserving and protecting these valuable pieces of history requires an extensive lineup of cabinets, art racks, high-density mobile systems, and other high-quality solutions. For more than 50 years, Spacesaver has designed, manufactured, and delivered industry-leading fine art storage systems for users of all backgrounds. Let us help preserve and protect your collections for generations to come.

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Racking Up Visibility & Security

When most people think of hanging art, they envision a beautiful painting suspended on a wall. While for the majority of works this can be accomplished with a hammer and nail, fine art museums and galleries require a higher level of security and diversity to accommodate their various hanging art pieces.

Spacesaver understands this need and has the expertise to deliver a masterpiece of a system for your unique collections. To provide compact storage solutions for a variety of visual art collections, we offer six types of art rack systems, each utilizing a myriad of accessories designed to meet the specific requirements of the facilities and collections they support.

Cabinet Configurability for Any Collection

Due to their size and composition, some fine art pieces are better displayed in a cabinet. Designed to protect collections, save space, and provide enduring solutions for institutions of all sizes, Spacesaver’s line of museum cabinets represents the future of collections care. From our flexible 920 Series: Preservation Cabinets to specialized cabinets for botany, entomology, and flat files, our museum cabinets are fully configurable and customizable with a variety of accessories to suit any art storage need.

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Preserving Decades of Historic Capacity

Statistically, only 3% of museum collections are visible at a given time, creating a strong need for solutions that provide increased access to and capacity for storing a wide variety of artifacts. Designed to work in static applications and seamlessly integrate with Spacesaver’s wide range of industry-leading high-density mobile systems, RaptorRAC Widespan shelving’s extensive range of standard and configured sizes allows you to build a custom art storage shelving system for all your collection storage needs.

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Spacesaver’s nationwide network of local distributors – backed up by our in-house planning and project management teams – offers unparalleled service and attention to detail. Your local Spacesaver consultant will work with you from early in the planning stage to product installation and beyond. They can even create preliminary drawings of the art storage system(s) to show to potential funding sources, as well as provide cost-effective methods in which our products can be purchased through GSA contracts and various state contracts.