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Experience easy operation, security and increased storage capacity while keeping your hanging art collection protected and organized with Spacesaver’s line of art racks. Spacesaver offers six types of art rack systems to provide compact storage solutions for your visual art collection.

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Mod-Glider Pro™

Experience next-level storage in your space.

Spacesaver’s modular art rack system combines smooth operation with versatile storage capacity. Its pullout screen loading is transferred directly to the floor, allowing for smooth and uninterrupted operation, while its welded wire or punched triangle pattern screens offer secured storage for many forms of visual art.

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Screens fully extend

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Purpose-built accessories

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Built-in foot brake

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Lubricant-free slide

Wall Mounted Art Rack Solutions
Wall Mounted Art Rack Solutions
Wall Mounted Art Rack Solutions

Wall-Mounted Art Screen

Art screens can be installed directly onto walls, and can be combined to create installations of virtually any size. Wall mounting is particularly helpful when large works need to be stored or when a large wall presents an opportunity to convert unused space into useful and attractive storage.

Art Racks Compact Mobile Solutions

Lateral Art Rack

Floor-mounted lateral art racks provide convenience and flexibility, helping maximize space while protecting hanging art.


Maximum Accessibility

Double-sided wire mesh is flush with the frame on both sides, offering unlimited flexibility regarding how artwork is arranged. Our wheel sections can be nested for maximum density and can be configured for any space.


Easy Integration

Systems can be installed on existing floors or planned into new construction.


Collection Protection

Roller bearing guide wheel assemblies provide superior stability and all wheel sections come equipped with in-rail anti-tip devices; reducing weight balance concerns.

Carriage-Mounted Art Rack

Art racks can be mounted on mobile carriages in a variety of ways. This allows clients to integrate framed art storage into new or existing high-density storage systems along with museum cabinets, shelving, and other storage solutions.

art racks on rails, art storage, artwork storage
Compact art racks, art racks on rails, artwork storage, art storage
Mobile Art Rack - Painting Storage
Mobile Art Rack - Painting Storage
Mobile Art Rack - Painting Storage
Pull-out Art Rack Floor Supported
Pull-out Art Rack Floor Supported
Pull-out Art Rack Floor Supported

Floor-Supported Pull-Out Art Rack

This is an excellent option when a facility’s floor can handle the weight of the system and stored artwork. An overhead unistrut provides stability and guidance, while the center-flange rail eliminates the gap between the rails and flooring. The end result is a system that operates smoothly while minimizing buildup of dust and debris in the rails.

Overhead-Supported Pull-Out Art Rack System

Spacesaver’s overhead-supported pull-out art rack systems are used to safely store, access, organize and protect framed art and cultural artifacts. A single polyurethane tracking wheel at the leading edge of each rack provides guidance, eliminating the need for rails.

Low Vibration Pullout Art Rack

Low Vibration

An overhead track and a precision frictionless roller bearing trolley system work in unison to provide smooth guidance and minimal vibration.

Sway Prevention Pullout Art Racks

Sway Prevention

Protection is further enhanced with a unique anti-sway guide wheel mounted at the front base of each panel, as well as a floor-anchored guide mechanism at the rear. They work in tandem to virtually eliminate screen sway and vibration.

Controlled Deceleration Pullout Art Racks

Controlled Deceleration

Storage panel deceleration is controlled by Spacesaver’s unique braking device, which slows panel motion during the last 15″ (385 mm) of movement in either direction. This device protects materials during panel operation by reducing the likelihood of jarring stops.

overhead pull-out art rack

Art Screen Options

Spacesaver’s art racks can be fitted with different screen options depending on your need and aesthetic preference.

punch triangle art acreen

Punched Triangle

This new innovative screen design offers hanging accessory attachment options at both a flat and a point.  Its sleek aesthetic design offers customers another option to consider when individual preference comes into play.

*Available only with Mod-Glider Pro

art rack accessory welded wire screen

Welded Wire

The standard welded wire frame mesh is rectangular in shape and is designed so that hooks don’t slide along their position. This provides a simple, economic solution with improved screen rigidity compared to woven wire.

*Available only with Mod-Glider Pro

wire wleded screen

Woven Wire

Available in horizontal rectangular woven screen in 6″ increments.

punch diamond screen style

Punched Screen

Choose between horizontal diamond, vertical Diamond, or a rectangular punched screen in 1″ increments.

Art Rack Accessories

Add accessories to securely store artwork and make efficient use of space. Some accessories are only available with the New Mod-Glider Pro Modular Art Rack.

art rack accessory standar hook

Standard Hooks

Offers standard adjustability by connecting directly to welded wire and punched triangle screens, can be moved within screen-pattern increments.

*Available only with Mod-Glider Pro

art rack accessory premium hook

Premium Hooks

For collections that require exact hook placement, offering finite adjustment left to right, and up and down. Ideal for exact placement of hanging collections relative to the viewer’s line of sight or for positioning works to be partially supported by a shelf below.

*Available only with Mod-Glider Pro

art rack accessory frame spanning hook

Frame-Spanning Hooks

Using two premium hook attachments, an L-bracket, a threaded hook, and thumb screws, the frame-spanning hook allows users the ability to hang collections between screen sections.

*Available only with Mod-Glider Pro

art rack accessory - universal shelf

Universal Shelf

Developed to provide a universal platform for mounting a variety of 3D collections
or as a base support for framed artwork, Spacesaver’s Universal Shelf Assemblies come standard with 2 rows of slots and holes that provide mounting features to fasten a variety of collections.

*Available only with Mod-Glider Pro

art rack accessory textile roll

Rolled Textile

Keep rolled textile collections organized, protected, and easily accessible. To protect stored items from potential damage, the textile roll sits on brackets, not the textile tubing.

*Available only with Mod-Glider Pro

Art Rack Hanger Accessories


Hangers are designed to securely hold hanging art. Hangers are available unfinished or with a museum-safe coating to prevent scratching.

Art Rack Tray Accessories

Art Rack Tray

Originally designed to support spear bases, our clients also use them to store spare hangers and other supplies at the point of need. Custom sizes and designs are available.

Art Rack Shelf Accessories

Art Rack Shelf

Provides additional support for hanging art by reducing stress on wire attachment hardware and other hanging apparatus. The bent lip running along the shelf’s outer edge prevents slippage.

art rack accessory brackets

Universal Mounting Brackets

Provide a basic screen attachment platform for custom storage solutions that support specific collections. Individual universal mounting brackets can be placed between shelves to improve strength.

*Available only with Mod-Glider Pro

Art Rack Textile Roll Holder Accessories

Textile Roll Holder

Our textile roll holders are available with a non-off-gassing powder-coat paint finish, or they can be coated to protect against scratching and abrasion.

Download our resources for additional details or contact us for help on planning your project.


6 Diverse Options for Art Racks

download moglider pro infosheet

Mod-Glider Pro Info Sheet

download art rack accessory info sheet

Mod-Glider Pro Accessory Info Sheet

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Mod-Glider Pro Tech Data


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