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More Than An Evidence Locker – It’s Security and Integrity Storage

Evidence can arrive for processing any time of day or night—and until it’s received by a property room employee, you need a temporary storage solution that can guarantee the security and integrity of evidence.

Designed to provide a secure chain of custody for short-term evidence storage, Spacesaver’s evidence lockers are a worthy investment. Once each piece of evidence is “bagged and tagged” and put into your system, it will remain secure until retrieved by the proper personnel. We even offer “pass-back” lockers (also called “push-back” lockers) that allow evidence technicians to pass evidence back to officers for court appearances or for proper labeling and packaging.

evidence locker wall - secure chain of custody
evidence locker with cold storage
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push lock temporary evidence storage

Each evidence locker is available with a wide range of features and options, and each one is built to accommodate your specific evidence storage needs and processes. From various compartment sizes to fit all different types of evidence and features that work with your evidence technician’s needs, to refrigerated evidence lockers built right into your bank of lockers, we can work with you—just like we’ve worked with the Skokie Police Department—to find a solution that fits your department.

Download Info Sheet Evidence Locker Front Door Configurations

Download Door Configuration Info Sheet

Are you dealing with a cluttered and unorganized evidence room? See all the front door configuration options to customize for your department needs.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Most evidence lockers on the market look the same from a distance. But if you know what to look for, you’ll see what you’re really sacrificing in security and convenience when you choose a cheap alternative. The details matter.

Optional Mesh Back Door

Optional mesh rear door allows air to circulate through evidence lockers, helping to diffuse any odor from secured evidence— preventing the evidence tech from being exposed to overwhelming odors when opening the rear door to retrieve evidence.

Installers and Local Service

You can rest assured that your lockers will be installed correctly by professional and knowledgeable Spacesaver-certified installers. Our nationwide network of distributors means you have fast, local service over the lifetime of the lockers.


We stand behind our products. Our 5-year warranty provides peace of mind.

spacesaver evidence locker

Standard Features & Specs

  • Dual-latching mechanism that resides in the door and frame, leaving the inside of the locker free from any protrusions that could damage evidence
  • Each compartment is fully enclosed to ensure no evidence spills or cross-contamination occurs between locker compartments
Height 82″
Width(s) 18″, 24″, 36″
Depth 24″

Door Configurations:

  • 18 Standard Front Door Configurations
  • Custom configurations available upon request—Spacesaver has created over 90 total configurations to meet evidence Storage needs

BIM Objects – Revit Files

Evidence Locker BIMobject Download

bimobject pass-through locker file

evidence locker architect revit file

Evidence Locker BIMobject Download

revite evidence locker file

Pass-Thru (PT) Lockers

Pass-thru evidence storage lockers

  • Built into the wall, allowing evidence to be deposited from one side and retrieved from another
  • Full-size rear door allows the evidence technician to efficiently remove items and reset the locker openings for use
  • Optional front-lock-out system is available to lock the front doors when the rear door is opened, preventing unauthorized access to the evidence and property room through a locker opening

Non-Pass-Thru (NPT) Lockers

Non-pass-thru evidence storage lockers

  • Evidence is both deposited and retrieved from the same self-closing doors
  • Items can only be removed by authorized personnel
  • Lockers easily mount against a wall
  • Have the option to be converted into a pass-thru configuration at a later date

Standard Keyless Locking System

Keyless Lock for Evidence Storage Locker

Standard Keyless Locking System provide a secure chain of custody through PT or NPT processes, featuring a keyless evidence deposit option.

  • Provide for unattended evidence deposit – no keys required
  • Push-button, keyless locks on front doors
  • Multi-point locking systems on all doors
  • Non-pass-thru configurations include keyed different (w/master key) for evidence retrieval


ControLoc for Evidence Storage Locker

ControLoc®, a built-in add-on feature to Spacesaver evidence lockers, allows only authorized personnel to access and store evidence with a locker during the filing and reporting process. The ControlLoc feature offers:

  • Increased accountability through computerized tracking and monitoring of user and locker door activity
  • On-demand activity report generation
  • Automatic door locking when not being accessed
  • Remote monitoring of multiple locations from a central location
  • Windows-based software and on-site setup and training
  • Five different modes of operation
  • Choice of card access or numeric control pad options

Download our resources for additional details or contact us for help on planning your project.

Free Download Brochure: Evidence Storage Product Overview

Brochure: Evidence Locker

Free Download of Our Info Sheet: ControLoc®

Info Sheet: ControLoc®

Download Infosheet Keyless Evidence Locker

Info Sheet: Keyless Evidence Lockers

Download Tech Data ControLoc

Tech Data: ControLoc®

Download Evidence Lockers At-A-Glance Info Sheet

Info Sheet: Evidence Lockers at a Glance


Cut Sheet: Keyless Evidence Lockers


Brochure: Public Safety

download info sheet general maintenance and cleaning of products

Info Sheet: General Maintenance of Spacesaver Products

Free Download of Our Evidence Locker Front Door Configurations

Info Sheet: Front Door Lockers Configurations


Info Sheet: Evidence Lockers Available Options

Download Modes of Operation Info Sheet

Info Sheet: Modes of Operation


Powder Coat Paint Finish Colors

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