Refrigerated Evidence Locker

Refrigerated Evidence Lockers for Biological Sample Storage

Our large and small sized refrigerated evidence lockers are specifically engineered to maintain a constant temperature of 38 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit for highly secured and well preserved biological evidence storage. The refrigerated evidence lockers can be built right into the other evidence lockers with pass-thru or non-pass-thru functionality. Just like our standard evidence lockers our refrigerated lockers offer the same performance, reliability and security.

All refrigerators come with a built-in digital alarm to warn users of temperature fluctuations (if the door is left open). Lockable inserts are interchangeable to accommodate changing sizes of biological sample storage boxes and containers.

Proper DNA and biological sample storage can make or break a case. Spacesaver provides both short-term and long-term evidence storage solutions. Learn more about storing biological evidence by visiting our evidence storage expertise section.

refrigerated evidence locker

Free Download Brochure: Evidence Storage Product Overview

Brochure: Evidence Storage Product Overview

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Info Sheet: Spacesaver’s Evidence Refrigerator

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