Fast Response Locker

A secure, accessible weapons storage system, but you’d never know it from the outside.

It’s a sobering reality—security resources have become commonplace in locations where they might not have been a few decades ago. Schools, courthouses, city halls, airports, and hospitals—these are all places that are seeking secure, quick access to weapons and gear in case of an emergency.

Spacesaver’s Fast Response Locker (FRL) pairs the safety and durability of a weapons cabinet with an unassuming design—creating a locker that offers the protection of a gun cabinet, but doesn’t look like one.

School Resource Officers

When a school district in LaCrosse, Wisconsin was looking for a custom locker to store a rifle on-site for a School Resource Officer, a FRL was designed with a bottom compartment large enough to store a rifle. This compartment, outfitted with a digital lock and a weapons rail, allowed the rifle to be stored in an upright, secure position at all times. Two smaller locker compartments store evidence, gear, and ammunition.

Healthcare Facilities Storage

Many large healthcare institutions host prison inmates when they’re in need of medical care—and in many cases, police officers are often assigned to large hospital hubs. There are plenty of opportunities for emergencies to arise, and a weapons locker designed to look like a regular cabinet in an office or in a supply area could make a difference in being able to react quickly.

Courthouses & Airports

These two facilities are accessible to everyone—meaning that they’re also vulnerable to random acts of violence. Many airports are starting to explore the placement of fast response lockers throughout their buildings in an effort to respond swiftly to security issues, and courthouses are also following suit.

fast response weapon security storage

Don’t Risk Being Unprepared

When an emergency happens, there’s often a fraction of a second to respond. Our lockers can be equipped with two electronic lock types to provide quick access:


Zephyr Lock

With a choice of mechanical or electronic powered options, this intuitive push button or RFID locking system fits nearly every locker design, allowing a way for facilities to utilize one lock and install a common platform for lockers in multiple areas.



Featuring an all-metal lock housing with or without a pull handle, the Digilock can pair with radio frequency identification (RFID) cards or 4-digit PIN code systems—and are easily managed with a programming key unique to the lock system, or a manager bypass key. Battery-operated with a life of 3-5 years, these locks include tamper guards and visible/audible indicators.

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