2-Tier Locker

3-Tier Locker


Design Flexibility: OCIE Gear Lockers adapt to almost any need and space with the magnitude of sizes and options available. With a full range of dimensions, choice of drawer, door options, and a broad range of interior accessories, OCIE Gear Lockers provide ultimate flexibility.

Long-term solution: The durability and heavy-duty construction of OCIE Gear Lockers ensures their strength through years of aggressive usage. The ability to reconfigure on-site throughout the life of the locker ensures that this longterm locker solution adapts to changing needs over time

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(Includes 4”H base)
2-TIER* SSC-179-107890 90″ 30″ 30″
3-TIER SSC-179-107891 90″ 30″ 30″

*NOTE: Only the 2-Tier Locker has the shelf & garment rail for each level


Ability to reconfigure, on-site, throughout life of the locker

OCIE Gear Lockers are adaptable to ensure that they always meet the storage needs and demands of users.

18-gauge steel double-wall, welded box construction doors

Durable mesh (perforated) doors with holes no more than 1.5 inches. Doors that are strong enough to withstand years of aggressive usage.

Air extraction ready

A number of standard features have been engineered to naturally promote air flow circulation within the locker. Air extraction mechanicals can be added at any time during or after installation to increase air ventilation in locker.

Numerous available accessories

A robust list of available accessories for OCIE Gear Lockers ensures that all storage needs are met. Many of the optional accessories are adjustable and configurable within the locker.

Lock options available

Lockers are available with several different lock options, including: hasp lock – suitable for 5200-series lock, keyed lock, and combination lock, to provide secure storage of personal belongings. stainless steel lock plate and hasp

Power ready

All OCIE Gear Lockers are designed for modular plug-and-play electrical duplex outlets to bring power to lockers for chargers, shavers, laptops, and other devices. Duplex outlets can be added to locker at any time.

Fully Welded

The OCIE Gear locker is a fully welded cabinet with a full-length welded hinge door secured by rivets to the locker.

Gusseted Corners

Gusseted Corners to increase rigidity and security.

Drop in Floor

To cover all levelers and provide an interior free of exposed edges which might snag on gear.

4″ High Base

To raise the locker off the floor for ease of access


Manufacturer warrants a minimum that all equipment, other than structural frames and carriage drive motors*, shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for five (5) years from the date of the customer’s written acceptance of installation. During the 5-year warranty period, all parts are included at no cost for 5 years. Labor is included at no cost during the first year of the 5-year warranty period. After the first year all labor will be charged at the current rate.


Offered in a variety of powder-coat paint colors to resist rusting.