Weapons Shelving

Not every weapons storage challenge requires the level of security provided by the Universal™ Weapons Rack (UWR®). Spacesaver developed a solution that can be used with our 4-Post Shelving and Case-Type Shelving.

spacesaver weapon shelving

Weapons Rack III

Weapons Rack III transforms existing 4-Post Shelving into an instant weapons storage solution for long guns and pistols. Racks are a two-piece design consisting of a sloped stock rest and a separate, adjustable barrel rest. Each Weapons Rack III Kit includes one base plate powder-coated in any standard color with black rubber stock pads, and one barrel rest coated in black vinyl.


  • Multiple storage configurations for any type of small arms – rifles, shotguns, handguns, tasers, M4, M16, AR-15, MP5, M249, M240, and more
  • Weapons can be stored with optics and other accessories mounted to the weapon
  • Modular construction featuring interchangeable parts that can be reconfigured by the user
  • Shares components with Spacesaver’s industry leading UWR
  • Standard size unit: 36"W x 84"H x 13"D (Custom sizes available)
  • Single-sided attach to wall, double-sided are freestanding
  • Can be mounted to Spacesaver’s mobile carriages for double the storage capacity in the same space
uwr back panel close up
weapon shelving with room to grow
weapon shelving in high-density mobile system for evidence storage
weapon shelving custom reconfigurable configurations

Why Spacesaver?  

For more than 50 years, Spacesaver has been designing and manufacturing storage solutions to securely protect the products they store and enable more efficient use of space. All our products are manufactured in the USA to the highest standards and will stand the test of time.  

Quality and Durability

The Weapons Rack III is made of high-quality steel in the U.S. All components have a durable powder coat finish and include a rubberized coating for increased protection for the weapons being stored.


As storage needs change, the Weapons Rack III can be updated to accommodate a wide variety of ammunition, weapons, and accessories.

Maximizing Space 

Integrate the Weapons Rack III with Spacesaver High-Density Mobile Systems  to double your storage capacity in the same space or create rooms for alternate use.

Local Expertise & Experience  

With distributors in major cities throughout North America, we offer personalized space-planning assistance from knowledgeable consultants and long-term service by factory-certified technicians.