Your arms room. Mobilized.

Introducing the most secure way to store and ship weapons in a TriCon: Spacesaver’s Universal™ Expeditionary Weapons Storage System (UEWSS).

UEWSS consolidates weapons in standard-size TriCON containers during deployment, ensuring that all branches of the military can transport weapons securely while also saving time and conserving space.

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Mobilize your weapons for deployment, download our info sheet on our Universal Expeditionary Weapons Storage Systems (UEWSS).

From garrison to the field

Spacesaver collaborated with the Marine Corps to create the ground-breaking Universal™ Weapons Rack (UWR). The first of its kind, the UWR is the long-time industry leader and the best choice for secure weapons storage in garrison.

Units on the move have a new option for secure weapons deployment — the revolutionary Universal™ Expeditionary Weapons Storage System (UEWSS). Our engineers worked with the Navy to create the first custom integrated Type 1 TriCON container that is capable of storing, shipping, and supporting modern small arms and crew-served weapons with associated repair parts and collateral gear.

Save Time and Effort

Carrying UWRs by hand is time-consuming and can lead to fatigue. The UEWSS is equipped with forklift access, which allows personnel to expend their energy on other projects.

Save Space

Weapons racks can take up valuable space on transport vehicles. One TriCON can hold the contents of multiple weapons racks, and their standard size allows them to be stored and stacked on flatbeds.

Mobilize your arms room.

Our military storage experts can help develop a custom solution that’s safe and reliable. Download Our Info Sheet For More Information


Versatility. On the move.

Maximum Arms Storage. On the Move.

  • Configurable six-section “plug and play” capability to fit your needs, including (but not limited to) storage of M9s, M4s, M16s, M240s, M249s, M870s, M2s, MK19s, and associated collateral gear for multiple Expeditionary and Special Warfare TOA platforms
Maximum Number of Weapons per Section
M9 M4 M16 M249 M870 M240 M2* MK19
30 18 18 18 18 8 4 3
*w/ Barrel & Spare

Security. On the Move.

  • Durable construction, including corrugated steel sides, roof, and swing doors on one side, as well as a heavy-duty steel floor and forklift pockets
  • Tie-down steel lashing rings and front/door corner post tie downs to load additional items and maximize every inch of the container space

Configurability. On the Move.

  • Adjustable shelving brackets, manifest boxes, and vents for ultimate configurability
  • Exterior paint choices of military standard green or standard tan; interior color tan

Plug-and-Play Configurability

Video: Development of UEWSS



Heavy-duty steel construction ensures that the container’s contents are well-protected. Inside the container, heavy-duty straps and purpose-made housing establish a secure, bounce-free fit. Weapons can be stored with optics mounted so they’re ready for action immediately upon arrival.


The UEWSS is highly configurable, featuring interchangeable “plug and play” components. Each 15”x34” single-tier section can hold, for instance, from three MK19s to 30 M9s.


The system provides secure, quick, and easy access to weapons and accessories.


While weapons racks and cabinetry line the container’s outer perimeter, the empty space in the middle can accommodate larger gear during transport. Certified tie-downs provide secure contact points, and cabinets and boxes can be mounted on the swing doors to provide storage for ammunition, tools, additional weapons, and other gear.

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