Steel Anatomy Lab Cabinets for Study Collections

Anatomy Lab Cabinets for Study Collections

Protecting and storing valuable study aids at a podiatry college.

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Podiatry (the treatment of the foot, ankle, and related structures of the lower leg) is a demanding discipline, and medical students must take years of coursework to become certified to practice. An important part of the curriculum is the hands-on study of real human bones in the anatomy lab, which allows students to gain a more complete understanding of the foot’s structure and function.

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The Challenge

Insufficent Anatomy Lab Storage

When the anatomy department at this college of podiatry was relocated to a new, smaller space in the building, the professors needed to optimize storage of their study collection of human bones and other study aids. They had previously been storing the bones in boxes in a secure storeroom, but the system was cumbersome: professors and instructors had to move multiple boxes to get the one they wanted. The boxes and packing material also wasted space.

The Solution

Locking Steel Anatomy Lab Cabinets

The new anatomy area would be about 30% smaller than their previous space. Realizing they needed professional help to make the best use of the new area, they contacted their nearby Spacesaver consultant. He visited the college, assessed the study collection and other study aids, and talked with the professors and instructors about their work flows and desired outcomes.

He designed locking Spacesaver 4-Post “cabinets” for two separate areas in the anatomy department.

podiatry anatomy glass cabinet

In the student lab, he designed 4-Post shelving units with locking glass-front frame doors. The shelving heights are adjustable and the doors promote visibility and security.

anatomy lab secure storage

A secure storeroom would house the college’s valuable collection of human bones, and for this area he designed six tall units of Nantucket Trays fitted with solid steel doors. The museum-quality trays keep the study collection organized and accessible while eliminating the need for bulky boxes.

The Result

Secure Storage in Less Space

The Spacesaver solutions provide visually engaging storage and display in the student lab, as well as secure storage for the valuable study collection in the storeroom.

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