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Spacesaver was excited to get back on the road to attend the Building Museums Symposium in Washington, DC on March 15 – 17. This national symposium focuses on best practices associated with constructing new buildings, rehabilitating existing structures, and renovating museum spaces. It was well-attended, hosting more than 400 architects, museum leaders, planners, project managers, technical experts, and others involved in the planning or implementation of new construction, renovation, preservation, or expansion projects for museums.

Spacesaver at Building Museum Show

What Attendees are Talking About

This year’s event featured a number of sessions focused on ensuring project partners had the tools and tips to build better spaces. One tip that resonated with attendees was the value of including collection storage in their design and planning process; especially when taking into consideration the increase in production lead times many manufacturers are experiencing.

flat file storage storage cabinet island

Visualize Your Storage

Spacesaver has 140+ BIM Objects available to help you find the right storage configuration for your space. Utilizing solutions such as mobile systems, shelving, preservation cabinets, and archival cabinets can provide extra space for protecting, preserving, and displaying your collections. 

Consider Adjacencies

Preservation cabinets on casters allow for easy access and transport, moving objects from location to location.

St. Mary's Historic Museum Collections care

museum collection storage

Plan for Future Growth

Spacesaver can help you to design options to future-proof your facility, including planning for greater floor loads than your current needs require, floor rails for compact mobile systems, and drawers and trays that can be stored and used as collections expand–all essential steps to building a museum with better spaces for today and tomorrow.

download 11 museum tips

More tips from museum design and operations professionals on creating functional and resilient spaces.

Designing new collections care areas is notoriously difficult, but it’s also an opportunity to make a major impact on your institution for decades to come. Through careful planning and thoughtful investments in cabinets, shelving, and other collections care equipment, you can improve processes and create a better preservation environment for collections now and into the future.

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Keep Storage Top of Mind

Ready to build a better storage solution for your space? Contact us to get connected with your local Spacesaver rep, who can explain your options and draw up plans.

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