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Science Lab Lockers

Keeping personal belongings secure and out of science labs

August 27th, 2020 - less than a minute read

Science laboratories can contain fragile equipment, hazardous chemicals, and other materials that need to be protected from damage or theft. That’s why most lab policies prohibit students and lab workers from bringing personal belongings into labs.

The Challenge: Maintain a Safe Lab Environment

For instance, the design team for this new science building put a lot of thought into designing the labs, classrooms, and other areas throughout the facility. Unfortunately, though, they didn’t think about storage for personal belongings. The lack of personal storage became an issue as soon as the laboratories opened, because food, drink, backpacks, bags, and even personal electronic devices are prohibited in the labs. As a result, faculty and staff had to leave their belongings in distant offices and students had to pile their items in the corridor outside the lab entrance.

Science lab lockers store prohibited items during lab classes or shifts.

personal storage locker science lab storage

The Solutions: Secure Belongings in Science Lab Lockers

In order to secure students’ and lab workers’ personal belongings and get them up off the floor, the facility manager called on the local Spacesaver consultant. The consultant visited the new building, took measurements, and designed Day Use Lockers to fit the available space. The manager opted for keypad locks with an integrated handle, and the design team chose high-pressure laminate (HPL) in the school’s colors to create a dramatic accent in the corridor.

badge swap touchless steel lockers

Lock Options

Choose the lock option that best suits your needs. Touchless locks available (ID or badge swipe).

badge swap touchless steel lockers

Creative Configurations

Mount lockers into or along a wall, as “islands,” or as room dividers for social distancing. Reconfigure lockers as your needs change.

The Result

The Spacesaver science lab lockers allow students, faculty, and staff to focus on their work in the laboratories without worrying about their belongings.

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