Cold Storage in a Museum

Cold Storage in a Museum

Because cold storage is essential for the long-term preservation of film, animal pelts, and other items that tend to deteriorate quickly, a growing number of museums are installing freezers and coolers to create optimal storage conditions for their collections. And because cold storage is expensive storage, those museums are turning to Spacesaver to help maximize the amount of usable space in their coolers and freezers.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science, for instance, recently built a cooler and a freezer to house its image collection. Film, photographic prints, and other materials had previously been stored in various locations around the museum, and staff wanted to consolidate the collection in climate-controlled spaces in order to preserve the materials and organize them more effectively. When a major gift enabled the construction of a new wing, the construction of cold storage spaces became a top priority.

The local Spacesaver representative worked with museum staff and the architect to create a compact cold storage solution that would protect the collection, save space, improve organization and efficiency, and comply with applicable codes.

Photo of Spacesaver compactors in cold storage at Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Download a printable mini case study to see more photos and learn more about this installation.

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