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Public Libraries: Transformation and Meeting Spaces

Helping libraries stay flexible for all functions.

February 23rd, 2023 - 2 min read

“Let’s go to the library!” A phrase that decades ago meant that you were on your way to checking out books in one (or many) of the literary styles of your choice and perhaps a VHS, CD, or cassette featuring your favorite artist or movie star. Today, the object of this phrase comprises a wider range of possibilities, including community meetings, educational sessions, speakers, and so much more.

As such, public libraries are utilizing versatile storage solutions like those from Spacesaver to expand the capability of their available space and meet the diverse needs of their community’s members. Our team of storage experts works to help staff find space for new uses while still accommodating book collections and other materials.

In this blog – the first in a three-month series focusing on supporting Public Libraries with functional storage systems – we’ll provide examples of common challenges library staff face when working to accommodate their patrons’ demands by providing spaces for all types of activity; all while preserving an ever-growing collection of books and other materials.

Indexing Your Library’s Storage

While simply adding more square footage to your library seems like the obvious solution, due to budget constraints it is almost never the most practical or popular one. With that, taking the time to assess how your space is currently used and outline how patrons would like to use it is key to a building a successful foundation for transforming the look and function of your space.

public library compact collection storage

One of the most common inhibitors to a library’s versatility is the type of shelving it uses to house materials. By employing static systems, aisle space is left for this sole purpose, leaving a large amount of space underutilized. Spacesaver’s High-Density Mobile Shelving (HDMS) systemsallow libraries to save space and store more materials in a smaller footprint, creating more room for staff and patrons.

Increasing Circulation for Activities

Now that you’ve created more space in your library, how will you use it? As demand for communal space has significantly increased in frequency and variety over the years, librarians must be able to adapt to the day’s use. Whether it’s to support a class, presentation, or meeting, Spacesaver’s Flexible Shelving not only provides ample storage space and varied configurations for the task at hand, but its caster bases allow the system to be relocated at a moment’s notice, allowing more participants and greater impact for the community.

Public library childrens' books on Spacesaver Flexible Shelving

A Reference to Secure Access

According to S. R. Ranganathan’s 5 Laws of Library Science – a theory detailing the principles of operating a library system – the fifth law is that the library is a growing organism. As such, librarians must create an environment that facilitates this growth by offering modern applications and securing quick, convenient access to all available materials. Spacesaver’s proven library storage systems allow staff to create space for and protect these materials, but what about the personal belongings patrons may bring with them? How can library goers have the confidence their possessions are protected while they seek out information digitally or within the library’s four walls?

library maker space with day use lockers

Spacesaver’s Day Use Lockers provide secure storage options for patrons to keep their possessions secure while utilizing the library’s resources. Available with a variety of locking mechanisms and finishes, librarians can choose the correct configuration for their patrons and aesthetics to match their location’s design elements.

Whether your library is planning for a brand-new library, a major renovation, or simply a more effective floor plan, Spacesaver can help. Our USA-made solutions help provide convenient access to materials while also freeing up space for social distancing or other uses. With support from your nearby Spacesaver distributor and a variety of purchasing options to choose from, you can get started today and create inspired spaces for learning.

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