Cannabis Growth Optimization in Full Bloom

Spacesaver’s storage solutions bring a cannabis cultivator’s yield to the next level.

“Grow up” is a widely used phrase for suggesting someone correct the activity/attitude they are displaying and generally carries a predominately negative connotation. For a Missouri cannabis cultivator, hearing the phrase from their local Spacesaver consultant served as a source of inspiration. Facing strict regulations regarding the amount of canopy space that could be utilized in their facility, the organization was able to go vertical with their grow operation, saving valuable floor space for access, storage, and future expansion of operations.

Here are some of the top challenges indoor cultivators face and how Spacesaver’s GROW Mobile systems are designed to address them.

Cold Call, Welcoming Opportunity

Spacesaver’s network of local storage experts, which spans North America, prides themselves on being at the forefront of the newest developments in the industries they serve. In the case of Missouri’s legalization of medical marijuana cultivation by ballot initiative in 2018, Spacesaver’s local consultant was certainly keeping a close eye on regulatory advancements. As soon as a list of approved cultivators was released in late 2020, the consultant began calling new licensees to help add efficient systems to their new operation. One of those calls connected Spacesaver with the Cultivation Director for Bloom Medicinals, a Kansas City-area cannabis producer.

commerical cannabis spacesaver grow mobile racking system

Configuration That Brings A Tier to Your Eye

Two considerations were clear to Spacesaver’s expert when assessing the potential Bloom’s facility. First, they must adhere to Missouri’s regulation that limits canopy space to 30,000 SF. Second, providing flexibility would be key to address the inconsistent layout of the facility’s rooms.

Prior to this project, Bloom had only operated with single-tier systems. Through several virtual meetings (in accordance with COVID protocols) with key partners including architects, installers, and Bloom’s team, our consultant was able to educate the group on the value of growing vertically and create a configuration that optimized available space. Utilizing two-tiered GROW Mobile Storage Systems, our consultant was able to help Bloom maximize yield, improve operations, and preserve space for future growth.

commercial cannabis flower room racking system

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Maximizing Cannabis Yield by Growing Vertically

commercial cannabis drying room racking system

Leaving Plants High and Dry

To help support their cultivators from germination to dispensary, Bloom was given a prototype of Spacesaver’s GROW Drying System including a mobile cart and one 12’ tall rack system. While it is substantial in size, the system covers only one tenth of the designated drying area, leaving room for versatility and growth. As they continue to develop their process and expand into their facility, Bloom’s leadership hopes to add to all their GROW system solutions, further increasing their efficiency and yield.

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