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Fort Atkinson High School's Partnership with Spacesaver

February 28th, 2024 - less than a minute read

Commitment to Community

“We strive to engage in local projects, using our solutions to enhance learning spaces and strengthen our community.” - Mark Haubenschild | CEO/President of Spacesaver

Reflecting Spacesaver’s commitment to local initiatives, our solutions were able to add to the growth of the Fort Atkinson High School by empowering students and educators, preserving valuable resources, and fostering a sense of pride within the school's community. Spacesaver's High-Density Mobile Storage Systems don't just organize textbooks and equipment; they became methods for change. From the Integrated Media Center where functional storage turned into statement pieces, to science classrooms that needed a transformation to a clutter-free environment, the impact throughout each department was evident.

A Place for Everything

Art Department: High-Density Mobile Shelving System storing art supplies and even some unexpected treasures, including a complete basketball hoop with backboard, Korean War Cannon Plugs, and even a kitchen sink.
Athletic Storage: A Mechanical Assist High-Density Mobile Shelving System as well as Spacesaver’s Athletic Lockers were selected to house the football team's athletic equipment.
English Department: A Mechanical Assist High-Density Mobile Storage System allows teachers across the department to house books for their students, all within the confines of a compact storage room.
Integrated Media Center: Spacesaver Shelving and Powered High-Density Mobile Systems store Chromebooks, textbooks, and an array of educational resources that can easily be accessed and accounted for in their dedicated spaces, thanks to these innovative storage solutions.

Optimizing Organization

The school's layout is divided into distinct academic sections, each featuring a communal space surrounded by classrooms – read more about all departments in our Fort Atkinson High School Case Study. In the heart of each academic pod are centralized storage rooms, each equipped with a tailored Spacesaver High-Density Mobile System. In total, ten different mobile systems (powered and mechanical assist) were strategically deployed across the various departments, catering to the specific requirements of each and optimizing the organization of materials used throughout the year.

School Storage Solved

Explore each department's unique installations in more detail by downloading our case study!

Shaping the Future

The collaborative effort between Spacesaver and Fort Atkinson High School wasn't just about reorganizing spaces; it was about bettering the community that we share. This transformation shows a commitment that was made to nurture minds, inspire futures, and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

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