Fort Atkinson, WI

Supporting Education and Community at Fort Atkinson High School

Read how Fort Atkinson High School reached out to Spacesaver to find a way to optimize their space, creating an environment beneficial to student success.
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Maximizing Space in a 1998 High School Design

In 1998, Fort Atkinson High School was designed with a focus on efficient storage and maximizing project funding. The goal was to provide storage which also created an environment where students could freely express themselves. Spacesaver's local expertise and versatile K-12 storage solutions played a pivotal role in turning this vision into reality.

"We strive to engage in local projects, using our solutions to enhance learning spaces and strengthen our community."

- Mark Haubenschild, CEO/President of Spacesaver

Optimizing Education

A Closer Look at Fort Atkinson High School
high school central storage room shelving systems
Collaboration and Access: Centralized storage promotes collaboration and resource-sharing among teachers, ensuring easier access for all department members.
high school central storage room shelving systems
Strategic Deployment: The school layout features centralized storage rooms with tailored Spacesaver high-density mobile systems, strategically deployed across departments.

Innovations Across Departments

From the Integrated Media Center (IMC) to the Science Department, English Department, and beyond, Spacesaver's solutions were seamlessly incorporated throughout the school. In the IMC, Cantilever Library Shelving revolutionized material storage, creating a functional yet aesthetically pleasing space. The Science Department benefited from adaptable Powered High-Density Mobile Systems, while the English Department found flexibility with Mechanical Assist High-Density Mobile Storage Systems.

high school science equipment shelving system
high school art department supply storage

Artful Storage and Surprising Discoveries

In the Art Room, Spacesaver's Powered High-Density Mobile System empowered students to engage actively with their artistic endeavors. The system's space-saving ability streamlined storage and led to amusing discoveries of what the Spacesaver storage systems can truly hold, adding an element of fun to the artful storage process.

high school adjustable custom shelving system
"My favorite thing about these units is they don't have fixed shelves. Spacesaver's products offer flexible shelves that I can adjust seamlessly. They can accommodate two rows of novels, but also a single, larger textbook."

- Andrea Moser, English Teacher

Spacesaver's Game-Changing Athletic Lockers

The boys’ varsity locker room underwent a significant transformation with Spacesaver's athletic equipment lockers. Addressing concerns of durability and security, these lockers not only protected athletic gear but fostered a culture of pride among athletes.

high school multi-tier locker design
high school athletic locker room design
high school varsity lockers

Smart Storage for Diverse Departments

high school compact text book storage
Quick Accessibility: Staff members appreciate the quick grab-and-go functionality, maximizing space and facilitating collaborative learning.
high school compact text book storage
Dedicated Storage Rooms: World Language, Social Studies, Agriculture, and Music departments benefit from dedicated storage rooms equipped with Mechanical Assist High-Density Mobile Storage Systems.
high school library shelving

Shaping the Future of Fort Atkinson High School

Spacesaver's contribution goes beyond storage solutions; it's about empowering students, preserving resources, and fostering community pride. The positive impact is evident in organized classrooms, a sense of ownership, and an enriched learning atmosphere. Spacesaver's dedication ensures a brighter and more organized future for generations of students at Fort Atkinson High School.