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Designing to evolve with the changing needs of library patrons.

January 29th, 2023 - 2 min read

Libraries, both in the public and academic settings, have seen large changes in recent years. What was previously a quiet space, is now a place for collaboration and community outreach. Spacesaver understands this evolution and has expertise to help create a space that can transform rows of books to kids laughing during story time, chair yoga or a woodcarving demonstration. Along with the necessary products, we also have a wide range of resources to help you in designing and planning these spaces.

Partners in Transformation

Spacesaver understands that as a designer for libraries, there are challenges that you face which go beyond the capabilities of structural design. This is where the proper usage of furniture, fixtures, and equipment can be leveraged to reduce the amount of space needed for book storage, without decreasing the size of the collection, while alos meeting the needs of librarians and program directors. It is that balance of storage and functionality that Spacesaver and our nationwide network of local storage experts help you meet.

Resources to Support Your Designs

We understand that your library projects entail much more than storage, which is why we have created a resource library to help support your projects. From our Day Use Lockers supporting the safe storage of your patrons goods, to the cantilever shelving on mobile system, allowing your customers to store their books in half the space, we offer detailed descriptions and planning and design resources to ensure you make the most of your clients’ space.

BIM Object for spacesaver products

With a robust library of over 100 Revit models, you can create the layouts and visuals needed to ensure your projects keep moving forward.

CSI specifications logo overlayed on Spacesaver manufacturing image
CSI Specifications

Find CSI specification documents links or hosted on SpecLink. This resource can help you quickly and easily build the storage portions of your proposal, letting you focus energy on winning the bid.

spacesaver continuing education courses
Continuing Education Courses

Our AIA and IDCEC-approved courses bring projects to life, providing inspiration along with credits. Reach out to schedule a Lunch & Learn today.

spacesaver project planning resources
Project Planning

Find all our resources to help you with your project planning from floor loading to sustainability to accessibility compliance.

Inspiration for Your Next Project

With over 50 years’ experience pioneering the mobile storage industry, storage and space planning is all we think about. Spacesaver understands who our customers are, what they care about, and what they need to build new spaces from the ground up or retrofit existing ones. Our teams have been working with the AEC community on projects for over 50 years and look forward to assisting on your next project as well.

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