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Updating Mobilized Pallet Racking in a Military Warehouse

Re-investing in a valuable 20-year-old asset.

April 15th, 2021 - less than a minute read

Military warehouses need to store a variety of items to keep operations running smoothly. This warehouse on a large military base stores parts and equipment for vehicle maintenance, and its inventory includes large and bulky items like tires and radiators as well as smaller parts like oil filters.

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The Challenge
A 20-Year-Old Mobilized Racking System

To keep inventory organized while also providing convenient access to stored items, a Spacesaver mobile racking system was installed in this military warehouse about 20 years ago. The system functioned well over the years, but, similar to the warehouse’s original thermostats and security systems, the mobile racking’s electronic components eventually needed an update. Spacesaver gave advance notice to warehouse staff that the electronics manufacturer would no longer make or support the components.

The Solution
Re-Investing in a Valuable Asset

Staff use the Spacesaver system continually every day, so decision-makers at the base decided to proactively update its electronics system rather than face unplanned downtime. They opted for Touch Technology™ Control, which provides an intuitive user interface and allows staff to use a touch screen or remote control to open and close aisles. They also chose the patented Zero Force Sensor® safety control, which uses beams of light to detect the presence of a person or an object in an aisle.

military powered pallet racking

The nearby Spacesaver distributorship sent a crew of factory-certified technicians to replace the electronic components. The crew minimized disruption by leaving stored items on the racking and working around staff’s schedules.

military mobile electric powered moving shelves

The Result
Refurbished Electronics

Now the system works like new. The military saved money by refreshing and reinvesting in a proven asset, and the new control and safety options make the system safer and even more convenient to use.

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