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Spacesaver brings Mod-Glider Pro to the Walworth County Historical Society.

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Usually when we say our team of experts fitted a storage system at a given location, we are referencing our highly trained and certified installers. However, for the inaugural installation of our Mod-Glider Pro™ modular art rack system, we employed a wide range of talent from headquarters. Why, you ask? Well, this installation will be used as a hallmark example of the versatility of the system and the ability of our engineers to make them functional no matter how large or small your installation may be.

So, without further ado, let’s explore this innovative product and what it will do for the Walworth County Historical Society (WCHS), its members, and their efforts to preserve the record of the region.

local county museum art rack system

A Bit of History on the Project

The Walworth County Historical Society, a client of Bradford Systems and Spacesaver in the past, was established in 1904 and is located in Elkhorn, WI. Dedicated to the preservation of the county’s history, curators store and display a great collection of books, pamphlets, uniforms, pictures, and other artifacts. Unable to expand in their location, the WCHS purchased the former City Hall building from the city in May 2021 and began working with a museum consultant to renovate and modernize the building for its use in a phased approach.

As part of Phase 1, WCHS ordered a Spacesaver mechanical assist mobile system with 4-Post shelving and Nantucket accessories for collections and records storage. Phase 2 of the facility is currently in progress and includes renovating two floors into exhibit spaces with the capability to increase collection visibility and accessibility for public visitors.

From initial conversations, it was clear one of their major goals for Phase 2 was to develop a modern and engaging display for the public. Knowing this, Spacesaver’s team presented our new Mod-Glider Pro™, Modular Art Rack as the perfect solution to achieve this desired outcome. After careful consideration, an agreement was made in that Spacesaver would donate two small Mod-Glider Pro™ systems with welded wire screens to WCHS in exchange for using the installation as a showpiece for prospect tours and marketing content.

download moglider pro infosheet

For more information about the Mod-Glider Pro download the info sheet.

Getting Down to Setting Up

Late in Q3 2022, we were notified the allocated second-floor space at WCHS was cleared out and ready for the installation of the two Mod-Glider Pro systems. So, our team of experts – representing every stage of product development from ideation to installation – made the trip to Elkhorn to meet in-person with museum staff and gain firsthand experience of the finer details of the solution positioning process.

Due to the advanced age of the building, a main consideration for our team was navigating the unlevel nature of the floor and its potential impact on the effectiveness of the system. To ensure that each pullout screen and its contents remain secure throughout operation, our team adjusted the base of the system to adapt to the contour of the floor. Now that a solid base was established, the systems began to take shape.

art rack installation frame

modglider pro art rack installation

Step Back and Take In the View

Upon completion of Phase 2, the system will be outfitted in hope to make a greater percentage of works visible to the public for WHCS (an ongoing trend in museums), provide easier access for tours and private events, and an increased ability to rotate collections in and out of display; all of which will create a dynamic space for maximum community engagement.

Museum staff is working hard to finalize the transfer and positioning of its Veterans Museum and the Elkhorn Independent Museum. Their current projection is to open to the public late this spring and are looking forward to utilizing Spacesaver’s solutions to display and protect their growing collection of regional history for generations to come.

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Gliding Through History

Spacesaver’s innovative Mod-Glider Pro provides curators with the confidence that their priceless pieces can be securely displayed for all to see and stored when the space is needed for other use. Reach out to set up a no-obligation assessment of your space and collections to see what this solution can do for your institution and its patrons.

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