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Presenting Our Version of Modern History

The museum market, a half year in review.

June 30th, 2023 - 2 min read

After a slow start to the year, the pace of the market started to pick up in April and continued to build through the rest of the second quarter. In the following recap, we’ll provide highlights of the past three months, insight on the tradeshows we attended, and our outlook on what’s to come in the remainder of the year!

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Among the Masses

This year’s American Alliance of Museums (AAM) meeting and expo welcomed nearly 4,000 attendees from all around the world to the mile-high city. Exhibitors and attendees of all focuses took to the floor to learn and share the latest advancements in all things museum. A clear theme we noticed was the importance of maximizing visibility within institutions in order to provide a complete experience for their patrons.

In step with our surroundings, our booth featured solutions that both literally and figuratively stood above the rest. A clear point of both conversation and utility, our 10-foot Mod-Glider Pro™ modular art rack system gave attendees a look at how to simultaneously solve their respective hanging art collections storage and visibility concerns. Paired with the Mod-Glider Pro in the booth, were our versatile 920 Series: Preservation Cabinet – featuring the soft rollout of our soft-close drawer accessory – and innovative 420 archival flat file storage cabinet.

Download Museum Storage Guide

Helpful options to make sure you find the right storage solution for your location.

Small But Mighty

While there is obvious value in attending the museum market’s larger shows, don’t discount the more focused, regional events held throughout North America. Much like the institutions our experts and solutions serve, there can be tremendous value in even the smallest opportunities.

Over the years, we’ve seen several installations sprout from what some may consider a passing conversation. It goes to show that you never quite know where and how an opportunity will arise. Make sure you’re fully vetting the possibilities in your region and staying in touch with the industry members you meet!

Download 11 Tips for Designing Collections Areas

Advice from museum design and operations professionals on creating functional and resilient spaces.

Grant Season Is Upon Us

No matter what size or discipline a museum falls under, there are a number of grant options available for obtention. And, with most of which featuring dispersions in late Q3/early Q4, now is the time to get your application in to ensure you have a chance to not only bolster your available funds, but provide increased security and access to your patrons and the collections they come to see.

Reach out to your local Spacesaver representative for help in determining which grants you are eligible for, how to best present your case to win them, and which additional options are available through our many contract vehicles.

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And Now, A Soft Close

Before we wrap up this blog, we’d like to slide in one last announcement. As you may have seen in our AAM recap, we have officially launched our soft-close feature on all 920 Series drawers. Reinforcing our dedication to providing continuous improvement within the market, this innovative feature helps protect collections from damage caused by excessive vibration – keeping your artifacts safe, sound, and ready for display.

Backed by our nationwide network of local experts and over 50,000 cycle tests to ensure optimal performance and durability, the soft-close feature will be the standard for all 920 Series drawer orders from here on. Reach out to your local representative for more information!

Glass Half-Full

Do you have a local or regional museum project that could benefit from learning more about Spacesaver’s versatile storage solutions and trusted resources? If so, let’s connect to discuss what we can achieve together.

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